OT: 20,000 Leagues DVD



For those of you who haven't rushed out to buy the new 20,000 Leagues DVD, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

First, I was unable to play the movie disc. I suspect it's because my DVD player is a piece of cr*p. Disney now prints the technical support number right on the DVD so I'm guessing that I'm not the only one having trouble with their DVDs.

The supplementary stuff is strictly Vault Disney quality. The "making-of" featurette which I expected to be a David Ogden Stiers, Disney channel job was much longer than I expected and much more comprehensive than I imagined it could be. Apparently they discovered a wealth of new behind the scenes material. It's excellent. There's even a short featurette about Paul Smith's music, though after hearing all the praise for his work, leaves you a bit disappointed that so little of it is actually available.

The interface for all the supplementary stuff is the same as Vault Disney's. There's one or two goofy features like the merchandise interview with two brothers/collectors, and the hokey and frustrating "Tour the Nautilus" feature, but the bit on the Humboldt squid was interesting if overdramatized. Some of the special features are identical to the laserdisc release, but one glaring omission, in my opinion, is the exclusion of "Operation Undersea" which is on the laserdisc in its entirety.

For anyone on the fence, it's definitely a worthy purchase. Nice to see Disney DVD do it right again!