Orlando Sentinel Video

My memory is going, but I thought someone here might remember this. I believe I recall a post that mentioend a video that was on the Orlando Sentinel page that you could send a link to someone and include their name and it basically sounds like they are closing the WDW park just to celebrate your event. I can't remeber if it was here or on Rodentsections. Does anyone remember this and if so, do you know where I can find the link? I have done some searches already on the web and on this site as well as Rodentsections, and I have not been able to find it yet. Any help would be apprecaited. Thanks!


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Shame it can't be downloaded though.
Did one for my son's birthday yesterday and he'd have loved to have a copy "off PC".
Tried but it wouldn't play in anything and I don't think the personalizations come out any way (tried it at Christmas with a personalized message from Santa and, where his name was, there was a silence).
Still, good fun.