Original Voice Talent: Carousel of Progress


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Hello All,

Does anyone know who did the voice of Mother for the original (64-65 NYWF, Disneyland) Carousel of Progress show?

Original cast information used to be available on the net, but now, believe it not, I can only find sites that list WDW voice talent (except for Rex Allen, Mel Blanc and Barbara Luddy).

The NYWF edition of "Persistence of Vision" lists the full cast, but my copy is buried away with the Ark of the Covenant is a government vault. ;)


Rhoda Williams (Cinders's stepsister Drizella, better known from the radio version of FATHER KNOWS BEST) says that she was the original voice of both the mother and the daughter. Since the soundtrack has been redone so often, her version has probably been lost for years.

Incidentally, has anyone ever noticed in the WDW version that the little boy has a Rex Allen comic book in his bedroom? Nice tribute on someone's part!


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Thanks Tim. I really appreciate it!

Good news!!! Rhoda's versions are not lost. They were realeased with the "Disneyland Forever" CDs and the "64-65 NYWF CD set".

Thanks again!
Actually, my understanding is that the mother's voice was redone for the attraction when it opened at DL after the Fair (this owing in part to the fact that the Act IV finale had to be adjusted to allow for the "Progress City" visit plug that was not part of the Fair) and that the DL Forever tracks, while almost identical to the NYWF presentation is not the same.

The never released NYWF CD set did not contain the Fair tracks for COP, since they felt that it was too similar to what had already been released for DL Forever so all they used were the "alternate" versions from earlier in the development stage.

Ray Dashner's CD-ROM of live Fair recordings does contain one of the COP so one can hear a poor quality version of that, but the actual Fair tracks are still tucked away in the vault awaiting release.


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I would have preferred the actual fair version to be released on the NYWF boxed set. That "Alternate Universe" track, was interesting, but was not a good substitute for the actual tracks used. Even if it was similar to Disneyland's, most people did not have access (officially) to the Disneyland Forever version, so it wouldn't/shouldn't have been that big a deal to release a similar track.

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Well you have to remember Disney's policy of not releasing the same stuff over and over and over again.