Origin of Carousel of Progress Tracks

X-S Tech

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I have all of the DL Forever Carousel of Progress tracks, and from what I hear, some came from the NYWF version, and some from the Disneyland version. Can anyone tell me which are which? I thought I had it figured out, but they don't mesh with the versions of the full show that I have. These are the track names that I have:

Medallion Home #1 (4:42)
Medallion Home #2 (1:46)
Medallion Home #3 (2:28)
Progress City #1 (3:04)
Progress City #2 (3:01)
Progress City Music Only (3:45)
Merry Christmas from Progress City (1:30)
"Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" (vocal version) (1:32)
Radio and Record Player (1:14)
Talking Machine Music (0:59)
Speed Ramp March (3:18)
Kaleidophonic Opening (3:15)
Dixieland Gramophone (1:45)
Progressland Spectacular (4:43)

I think that's everything, besides the full show tracks that were released. I also have this track:

Progressland Original Soundtrack (7:05)

from a Disneyana 1998 CD(?). Anyway I would like to know where that fits in. Can anyone tell me which versions these particular tracks belong to? Thanks for the help.