Ordering "A Musical History of Disneyland"

With the recent confusion of ordering the set, I went to our Sales Staff to figure out what's been happening. DisneyDirect WILL be carrying the set and we have just discovered that it will be going up on the site at midnight tonight. I was also told that you will be able to pre-order the set before the May 3rd release date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recent changes have diminished DisneyDirect's initial order. ***I am speaking of the set with the vinyl.*** Originally, the 5,000 units (with the vinyl) were to be more equally distributed between Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and DisneyDirect. However, Disneyland has upped their initial order and the distribution of these 5,000 (with the vinyl) has changed. It now appears that Disneyland will have the lion-share of the set with the vinyl, followed by Walt Disney World, and the remainder with Disney Direct. So now, you are more likely to get the version with the vinyl from Disneyland than Disney Direct as I was told before. I am still checking to see if you will be able to order from Disneyland through Disney DilivEARS. I will post as soon as I find out the facts on the DelivEARS issue.

Once the 5,000 with the vinyl are gone, the 'standard' edition (which includes everything but the vinyl) will be available at all three outlets and then NATIONALLY in September as previously reported.

Hope this helps clear some of this up.

Randy Thornton


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A member of our MousePad discussion boards reports that he was able to order this a few minutes ago:

Here's the phone menu
1: Catalog
4: Place new order
1: Place a new order

The item number is 61499.

Also, DisneyLAND received a case or two today, and sold out by 2:00.

I just talked to the lady over the phone (using the way above) into letting me order it, and she did. She is also applying the free shipping. It was 124.99 so it comes out to about 138 with tax. I told her about how Mr. Thornton said it would be available tonight at midnight to convince her. She said it won't ship until the end of the month.


I just called three times and they would not let me order until midnight eastern time. I pleaded and they didn't not want to take orders. They apologized and aske that I tried again at midnight.


I really hope the limited edition makes it to WDW for at least a few days. :eek:


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Just placed my order over the phone with Disney Direct. No convincing necessary- the lady on the phone told me it was available to order when I provided the item number. Current status is backordered, will ship at the end of the month with arrival date around 5/15/05.

She also applied the free shipping offer without any hassle.

I have my fingers crossed that I receive one with the vinyl included.
Thats a decision I guess we have to make. We have no clue if we order on phone if the vinyl is included but if its bought by somebody in person we would probably know. We are in such a frenzy to buy it and many people will order it right away tonight but I hope nobody is let down and gets the copy without the vinyl.


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i just placed my order!! No questions, here's hoping for that vinyl. Thanks so much, Randy!!
Here's to hoping too. I asked the lady when I had ordered if it would be one of those first 5000 with the golden vinyl - she said she imagined it would be one of those first 5000. She didn't impress me as being too knowledgeable, (I think she just wanted to sell me something once she found out I wasn't interested in buying anything else) but I do feel reasonably confident knowing that by ordering over the phone tonight, we've got to be the first bunch of folks ordering, and would certainly hope we'd get it. Oh well who knows.

Mary Poppins

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Got mine!

I ordered at Disneydirect.com (thru the 800-328-0368 number), got free shipping, and the lady offered me a Mickey Mouse snowglobe. I burst out laughing. We both had a good laugh, in fact. At any rate, no problems ordering. The young lady said shipping mid-May and I would get an email confirmation upon shipping.

Peace and Love :),

Mary Poppins


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i just ordered 4 of them, the lady mentioned that you would get one of the 5000 editions, but could not tell us what #'s they would be


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Ordered one about 20 mins ago over the phone. When the lady was checking the item number she laughed and said, "this has been a popular one tonight." :D I didn't get the free shipping but oh well... can't wait till mid-May!

(btw Hello everyone! Great boards you've got here. Just found them two days ago... guess I'll start posting!) ;D


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Also, DisneyLAND received a case or two today, and sold out by 2:00.

Wow, how nice of them to respect the May 3rd release date. Guess I won't be buying it at the park after all. What's the point of selling limited-edition items if nobody knows when they're going on sale?
Well I went ahead and ordered one but I am not expecting the gold vinyl. The lady who answered the phone was pretty funny and said she has been taking lots of orders for the set for the last 15 minutes or so. She did give me free shipping as a courtesy which was nice

She even said they have been reading the message boards online and heard about some already being sold at Disneyland. I wish they would have limited it to one per customer because I have a feeling we will be seeing many of these turn up on ebay.

Thanks for your work and the heads up Randy. I wish every company had guys like you working for them.


I ordered mine too without a problem, it seems logical that these are from the limited edition set since the other doesn't come out until Sept (?). I can't wait to get mine! I'll be nervous until I actually have it in my hands....

Thanks Randy! With the success of this release, let's hope WDR does more of this in the future,this is the kind of stuff that we want...Bring on more!!!!

Question....Have pictures of the actual discs themselves been published? Disc artwork?


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Well it's midnight EDT, and it's still not online. Wonder if it's going to be midnight CDT since that's where their call center is, or PDT since that's where their HQ is? Either way, I'm not staying up. I got my order in over the phone.