Order Early from Disney Direct for A Musical History of Disneyland


If you were not lucky enough to win "The Happiest Music on Earth" contest, keep watching for the set to go on sale at http://www.DisneyDirect.com. As there are just 5000 copies of the Limited Edition box set: "50 Years: A Musical History of Disneyland," you may want to secure your copy quickly -- especially if you are not planning to visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World in the first few weeks of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

No one seems to know for sure when the set will be available but it has been suggested that Monday, April 25th could be the date that they go on sale at Disney's Internet storefront.

You can be sure that as soon as it goes on sale there, details and a link will be posted here.

(and no... I'm not an affiliate of DisneyDirect.com -- just giving you all a heads up to keep an eye out).


I?m going to Disney World in mid May and I just want to make sure what I?ve heard is correct- Can I purchase the following there:

A Musical History of Disneyland
6 disc set

The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort:
The Happiest Homecoming On Earth
2 disc set

The Official album of the Walt Disney World Resort:
The Happiest Celebration On Earth
2 disc set



Not sure about the Disneyland Official Album Rick, but the other two will be available at Walt Disney World. I'll be at WDW for the first week of May and will let you know if I see the Disneyland album there.

I think it was a typo. From what I've been reading here, it seems like Monday, April 25 is the expected date for its release on Disney Direct despite no one at Disney Direct seeming to know about its release. The lady I talked to on the phone tonight seemed to think it would be released next week though since that's when the next catalogue comes out featuring the Disneyland stuff. If it's available before late Friday night, however, there's free shipping.

matt d.

I'm betting the Brian is correct. I do not expect to see an update in content on the Direct Disney site until late this week. It would make sense for the release of the 6-CD set to coincide with the launch of the new collectibles for the DL 50th anniversary.

But here's hoping I am wrong. :D

matt d.


May 2 is the launch date of the first set of Disneyland 50th items on DisneyDirect.com. So my guess is that this 6-cd set will probably show up closer to May 2 than April 25. Then again - just my guess.


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Just called Disneyland's Merchandise line, and they said none of that type of merchandise will be available until May 5th, 2005.


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I think the April 25 date was the date it was supposed to go up fro preorder on Disneydirect. In the tread about the boxed set, Randy made a note to check the website the week of the 25th for preordering.


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This was just posted on mouseplanet.com:

Updated 1 p.m. 4/25/05: We now have word that this set will become available via Disney Direct on May 2 at midnight EDT, which equates to May 1 at 9:00 PDT. Good luck with those dialing fingers or mouse clicks!
Hey chief, do you happen to have the exact link where you found that? Thanks.

It's good to hear there could be some certainty to this availability date. Either way, I don't think we will be receiving it any later than what we would have if today was indeed the order date.

disneyland dude

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even though ears to the ground is sometimes rumors, this is true:
Dear Disney Guest,

Thank you for your recent product inquiry.

We are pleased to inform you that the information that we have from
Disneyland is we should have the Musical History of Disneyland available
for purchase by May 2nd. We do not have have the item available at this
time. For your convenience, the item number we have been given is

If you would like to begin shopping now, click on this link to our Store
or copy and paste the link into your browser: http://disneydirect.com.

We appreciate your interest in Disney!


Excellent work. Is the item number different for the limited edition than for the regular edition do we know, or is the limited edition the only edition that will be available on DisneyDirect at that point?