**One Little Spark NEW VERSION INSIDE**

Song - One Little Spark (NEW VERSION)
Attraction - Journey Into Imagination
Length - :42
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Anyone know why this link doesn't work? I'd very much like to hear the new version of "One Little Spark". Also, does anyone know if a good quality version of the complete ride exists? I'd like to find a copy somewhere.

- Ed


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When I cut and pasted the URL, I got the following message:

Sorry, but one little spark new.mp3 is not a valid file.
Come2Store recently experienced a major crisis and all the data on our hard drive was corrupted. If this file was a victim of this, you can e-mail the owner of this file and ask them to re-upload it. You can read more about the story here.

With a shortcut on the word "here." Sounds like a system problem.

With just a sound your ears are hearing,
A thousand thoughts can start appearing!
And each of us imagines different things;
From just a sound, your mind has wings!

One spark of light can light your fancy.
Your mind sees more than what your eyes see.
Your sense of sight can make your fancy fly...
There's more to sight than meets the eye!

One awful whiff can send you reeling!
One lovely sniff can be appealing.
Your mind defines what enters through your nose...
That's how you tell a skunk is not a rose!

With just a spark of inspiration
I've made my house an innovation!
Imagination really clowns around;
'Makes downside up and upside down!

We all have sparks, imagination!
That's how our minds create creations.
We set them free and oh what they can do -
Those magic sparks from me and you!

One little spark of inspiration
Is at the heart of all creation.
Right at the start of everything that's new,
One little spark lights up for you.

Imagination, Imagination!
A dream can be a dream come true
With just that spark in me and you!

© 1982, 2002 Sherman/Sherman

Hope this helps!