One and Only Genuine Original Family Band QUESTION...

Hello -- I have a couple questions about the soundtrack.

First -- I know of two songs that have been released from the film recently: West of the Wide Missouri and Ten Feet Off the Ground. Are there any other songs out there? I'm absolutely dying to own a copy of the soundtrack... (*cough* iTunes :) )....

Second -- I have heard of an alternate soundtrack released with different vocal talents. When was this album recorded, and is there any chance of it being available to the public again?

Thank ye!


To my knowledge, only two songs from the soundtrack, both of which you mentioned, have been released on cd. The title should have been a candidate for the Wonderland Music System CD release at Disney Parks, but since that is now obsolete, watch for it to be released (eventually) on iTunes (if all goes well).

...'bout time!
The alternate, or "studio cast" or "second cast" LP of FAMILY BAND was actually one of the most lavish of its kind in the 60's. Instead of Lesley Ann Warren, John Davidson, Buddy Ebsen and Walter Brennan, Disneyland STER or DQ-1216 featured a "who's-who" of Hollywood studio singers, many of whom you've heard millions of times in various movies, cartoons and TV shows.

GENE MERLINO, who sings the title song, "Dakota" and "'Bout Time," was the singing voice of Lancelot in CAMELOT and one of the GILLIGAN'S ISLAND theme song quartet.

BILL LEE, who does "Ten Feet Off the Ground," was the singing voice of Christopher Plummer in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, and one of the MelloMen.

LOULIE JEAN NORMAN, who duets with Gene in "'Bout Time" and solos on "The Happies Girl Alive," was the famous STAR TREK theme soprano.

Other singers on the second cast include Ernest Newton and Disney Legend Thurl Ravenscroft.

The musical accompaniment, conducted by the film's conductor, Jack Elliott, is richly orchestrated, especially for what was essentially a budget album. These songs also appeared on four "Little Gem" 45 RPM records and a storyteller LP narrated by Robie Lester.

PLUG ALERT! There's a lot more about these great people in MOUSE TRACKS, by Tim and me.


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I became aware of this movie when Disney released it on DVD a couple of years ago. I was never exposed to this as a kid while growing up watching the -- original -- Disney Channel (I was born the year OOGOFB was released: 1968.).

I watched "The Happiest Millionaire" last year for the first time -- another Disney piece I had missed hearing about as a kid -- and enjoyed it very much, over and over again! This led me to rent "Family Band," and, yes, I found it entertaining, too.

I now own both movies on DVD, and purchased THM's CD soundtrack. Now, I look forward to FB's songs, hoping they indeed become available for purchase, on CD and/or iTunes.

I appreciate both original and non-original releases of Disney fare from the past, and would purchase all that I could afford of their library, but I do prefer original versions of animation and live-action soundtracks.
Ahh, thanks for all the help. Mr. Ehrbar - you are such a generous, knowledgable person. Thank you!

Let's see these albums make it to itunes!