Once Upon a Mattress


Ok ... I might be a bit late, but the ABC 2005 television version of the Boradway musical "Once Upon a Mattress" just aired on tv here in Germany. Up till I saw it in the tv gudie I wasn't even aware that ABC had a new television version of this classic produced.

Right after I watched it I went online trying to find a soundtrack release. And while I found the DVD of the show I couldn't find anything but the two Broadway cast recordings (original and 1996 revival). So the question is now: is anyone aware of a soundtrack release of the ABC 2005 tv version?

Any help would be appreciated...



P.S.: if you haven't seen / heared the show give it a try ... Mary Rodgers wrote some great amterial for the show including the wonderful "Happily Ever After" which refers to the help all those princesses in the famous stories always get...