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Jessica L

It's getting mixed reactions from the theatre community as far as I've read. Sounds interesting but I'd rather something completely new or a musical with a full storyline (I'm more interested in Mary Poppins, for example). But now that Aida is leaving, I guess Disney feels the need to pump more family fare onto Broadway or wherever else it plays (I thought somewhere I'd read a Chicago opening? possibly? ??? ).

With more shows like Wicked and Chitty opening, playing to children and families seems to be a running theme. But give me Nathan and The Producers anyday! :)

It'll be interesting to see how this show develops.


Jessica L

Sorry, a pet peeve of mine must make a quick correction...

When it comes to theatrical shows, it's a Cast album, not a soundtrack.

Very sorry, leaving now...



Original Cast Album
Original Soundtrack (OST)
Studio Album
Studio Cast Album
Music from and inspired by

but that's not what I wanted to post ... I wanted to point something out in the graphic / logo posted earlier above. Note that it is not "Disney presents", "Walt Disney Company presents" or "Disney Theatrical presents" but "Disney on Broadway" presents.

It is funny that they came up with this, as far as I know, new tag line for this production, as it is supposed to tour the US and only after a tour may come to Broadway - which is not yet sure, neither date nor theater venue wise.

Seems to me as if they wanted to improve the guest turnout by stressing a connection to the Broadway which does not exists, kind of compensating for the "the Broadway Hit", "original Broadway production", "straight from Broadway", ... tag lines usually added if a production goes on tour and was on Broadway before. These tag lines still work with many potential guests.


Jessica L

I must apologize for my above post. Upon reading it today I realized I came off rather rude. Believe me - I did NOT mean it in that sense at all. It's just a knee-jerk reaction after having such things drilled into me (along the same lines of the distinctions between plays and musicals).

I think I was a bit vague in my post as well. I meant that when it's a recording of people who are part of a cast (assuming roles in a show) performing songs. "Theatrical shows" was far too general a term to use, and I apologize for that too. That's what I get for posting so late at night...



I'm excited to see this, especially since the latest schedule I've seen actually brings it to my hometown. :p I'll reserve judgement tili I see it - it sounds like the kind of show I'd like!



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I'm sorry....to me, it sounds like a quick way to make a buck. I have no doubts that they'll have some EXCELLENT performers in this show, but what's the difference between that and the dozens of other "cover versions" CDs that have come out, aside for the fact that this thing is live and not "Memorex?"