Older MK Parades


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I am looking for audio of a few older parades from the MK at WDW. Here they are:

1. 20th Anniversary Suprise Celebration Parade. I believe I have seen something on Rodentsections of this, however it was not what I was in search for.

2. Mickey Mania Parade source from the park. The reason I say source is, I have the TDL version and a version that is "claimed" to be the WDW version that was off the WDW Forever CD and this is Not the Magic Kingdom version based of a video I have seen on youtube, and my own personal memory of seeing this parade. The introduction that I am looking for features the voice of Max and the announcer says the words Magic Kingdom. Here is the video, will make things a lot easier lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKZs95wvIZo

3. 25th Anniversary Remember The Magic Parade OR the Magical Moments Parade with the character voices. Rather than what has been released on the Forever CD. I do have the introduction of Magical Moments rather than the 25th Anniversary, However I would like the Character voices and the entire parade.

4. WDW Easter Pararade.