Old tomorrowland Loop Question

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Wow I really hate to bring up a dead loop but I had no luck with search, which is wierd cause I know this has been talked about a million times. I realized that I was missing one track. this is the list that I had:
01. ?Bubble Shuffle? by Larry Carlton
(from the CD ?On Solid Ground? , MCA Records MCAD-6237, 1989)

02. ?Night Fire Dance? by Andreas Vollenweider
(from the CD ?Down To The Moon?, CBS MK 42255, 1986)

03. ?The Palace? by David Arkenstone with Andrew White
(from the CD ?Island?, Narada Equinox ND-63005, 1989)

04. ?Summer?s Day? by Suzanne Ciani
(from the CD ?neverland?, Private Music 2036-2-P, 1988)

05. ?Windswept? by John Jarvis
(from the CD ?Whatever Works?, MCA Records MCAD-6263, 1988)

06. ?Inside The Sky? by Steve Haun
(from the CD ?Inside The Sky?, Silver Wave Records SD-504, 1988)

07. ?Inside The House? by Azuma
(from the CD ?The Wanderer?, Private Music 2037-2-P, 1988)

08. ?Sea Space? by Larry Carlton
(from the CD ?On Solid Ground? , MCA Records MCAD-6237, 1989)

09. ?Fire Ritual? by Patrick O?Hearn
(from the CD ?Between Two Worlds?, Private Music 2017-2-P, 1987)

10. ?Behind The Waterfall? by David Lanz & Paul Speer
(from the CD ?Natural States?, Narada Equinox ND-63001, 1985)

11. ?Generation Prelude? and ?Generation? by Peter Buffett
(from the CD ?The Waiting?, Narada Mystique ND-62002, 1987)

12. ?Elsewhere? by Vangelis
(from the CD ?Direct?, Arista ARCD-8545, 1988)

13. ?Hidden Pathways? by Bruce Mitchell
(from the CD ?Hidden Pathways?, Narada Mystique CD-2003, 1987)

The missing track I needed was Windswept, which I've since gotten. I also got a track labeled "Moon Dance" by Andreas Vollenweider which is labeled to go at the very end of the loop. Is this correct? Or just a mislabeling of a track from one of the source CD's?


"Moon Dance" was never ever part of the loop. It was a misidentification of the other Vollenweider track and just goes to prove that if you give a piece of misinformation a sixty-minute head start, you'll never be able to correct it...


X-S Tech

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Thanks. That's what I needed to know. Let this be the final post about this loop. May it rest in peace.