Old Fantasyland Band Organ Music/MSEP Music

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about the old Fantasyland Band Organ Music that was used at Disneyland before the 50th Anniversary. I have one track that was previously on the Disneyland Forever CD kiosks titled Mickey and Friends. I was aware that there was a CD on Ebay recently of the entire music soundtrack loops which was a one-time deal. Any info?


Does anyone have the WDW Electrical Parade Holiday loops used during the return performances (1999-2001)?

Thanks for the efforts. I appreciate it.

X-S Tech

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A CD on ebay that was a one time deal? I'd keep checking that seller. As it wasn't an officially released CD, it's more likely someone with access to the loop, making thier own discs and selling them. Of course they dont say "Hey I'm printing these at my house!", but check back and it'll most likely show up again.

The Trout

Also, he COULD be selling a CD of the WDW carousel loop, all of which was released on WDW Forever but is a lot different than the DL version.