Oh What a Merry Christmas Day

Does anybody know how to get a hold of "Oh What a Merry Christmas Day" from Mickey's Christmas Carol? This song is such a great holiday song! I randomly watched the movie tonight and really loved it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I could wait till Nov. 7th and see if it is on iTunes. I just hate waiting.

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There was a read along Cassette and Book a few years ago. I believe the song was on that cassette. Mine's unopened and packed away but I know it was listed with the musical credits, though for all I know it's only a bit of the song with narration over it- Not sure but someplace to start :)


I bought the cheap christmas DVD that had Mickey's Christmas Carol on it and ripped the audio from the opening.
"O What a Merry Christmas Day," written by Irwin Kostal (conductor of Mary Poppins and many others) and Frederick Searle, appeared on the Disneyland Storyteller LP version of MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL, which was a re-edited version of the 1974 "Dickens Christmas Carol" LP (but that album did not include this song).

It was also on at least one Christmas CD compilation, a Time-Life 2-Disc set called The Disney Christmas Collection, and may have popped up again on later CDs. One little thing -- the song's record version comes from the sound track, but does not include the orchestral fanfare you heard in the movie.