Odd Japanese Disney CD - anybody know about it?


So I was digging through the $3 CD bin at the local Book-Off when I came across a 4-song EP by Girlfriend. It's called "Magic" and it claims to be the "original soundtracks from Team Disney." Release date 11-21-93.

Song titles are Wickle Twickle Roo, Ala Ca Zoo, STAY GENKI (all caps, yes) and Someone's Waiting for You.

Girlfriend consists of five teenage girls, obviously not Asian, and some more digging revealed another (non-Disney) CD of theirs in the section. Apparently they're from Australia, they had a hit called "Take It From Me," and I surmise that they were also at least somewhat popular in Japan at one time. Since they do a bit of singing in Japanese on this CD, I'm assuming it was special for the Japanese market. The packaging is full of colorful pictures of them surrounded by Your Favorite Disney Characters.

And the music, whoa doggies. Just imagine what a Disneyish song called "Wickle Twickle Roo" might sound like, then up the cheese factor by about 10,000% and add a dance beat, and you'll just about have it. It's a HOOT.

Google though I might, I can find no internet evidence that this CD exists, nor have I been able to come up with what "Team Disney" might be referring to in this case, or why it should have a soundtrack CD with STAY GENKI on it. It may say something in the liner notes, but yo no comprende mas Japanese. It's drawing a blank over on the LaughingPlace Tokyo Disneyland board. It isn't even in the CDDP database.

Has anybody even heard of this thing, and if so, what was this music for?