O/T Monorail will be extanded CONFIRMED!!!

I just came back from disney, some of my relatives stayed a deluxe Disney resort. On the Disney channel they are advertising a new WDW Resort. I forgot the name, but in the name is the word "Spa". The resort will have a monrail station! It will be a Magic Kingdom deluxe resort, and will be located some where in that area.
Hmmm. . . :-

The only resorts currently under or slated for construction at WDW are two new DVC properties; the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, which occupies the old Disney Institute location, and a yet to be named Golf Resort to be located at the Eagle Pines golf course. Both of these sites are far removed from the existing monorail lines so it doesn't look like either would have a monorail station. Shades of Green is still under refurbishment and its December 2003 reopening date has been pushed back to March 2004; the Pop Century resort, scheduled to open this December, has been completed for quite some time but not opened due to soft bookings for the entire WDW resort area this past year. These resorts, too, are not exceptionally close to the existing monorail lines so I would not expect them to have stations, either.

That said, we can only hope that a brand new resort is in the works for the Magic Kingdom area and will bring with it a new loop. I, for one, am always looking to find and hear new resorst loops! It's the *music* that makes the magic.


This is interesting news dws but I don't think it particularly means there will be an extension to the monorail. There has been a plan from day one to have a hotel between the Transportation & Ticket Center and the Contemporary Resort. This could be built by adding a new station and not extending the monorail track.

I really hate to see them once again putting more money into a hotel rather than more attractions. At least in Florida you guys have the new Space pavilion. In California our monorail is so wore out that only hotel guests will be able to use it and its being taken off the attractions list. I think more "E" ticket attractions would fill the hotel rooms already there. Does anyone really go to WDW just to stay at a, granted well designed but, overpriced hotel?


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I don't understand...why is WDW planning more hotels? They couldn't even open Pop Century on time because of soft bookings, like diegorivera2 said above. I can see converting existing properties like Disney Institute, but to create completely new ones...I don't get that; not at this point anyway when theme park attendance is still slumping. Oh well, who can figure Disney these days?

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There's also a Bonnet Creek resort (not owned by Disney nor on Disney property) being built right behind the Carribbean Beach resort. But that has nothing much to do with Disney, just interesting to note.

Why would they announce a new monorail loop hotel when they haven't even broken ground for it yet? I could've missed something while I was there - but nothing was going on around that area.

They were probably just announcing the Saratoga Springs resort - which is opening relatively soon (they had made great progress on it in between our trips in January when it was demolished and in May). Though how the monorail has anything to do with that resort is beyond me... :-



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Just an intersting note, but Bonnet Creek Resort will have an access road in and out if its property via Disney property. The BCR property is "landlocked" by Disney on 3 sides and I-4 on the 4th side...so the only way to gain access is through a road they've built just west of the corner of Buena Vista Drive and Epcot Center Drive.