O/T Feeling very stupid but need help...


I feel incredibly stupid having to ask this, esp. since I put myself through college by working in Macintosh computer tech support, but for the life of me I can't post a reply to any topic on this board. I know there is supposed to be a "post reply" button on each thread, but in both of my web browers (IE 5.2 and Apple Safari) on both of my macs I can't find the bleeding thing! It's really driving me nuts, since there are actually threads I want to respond to. But right now all I can do is start new topics. Any help/ideas/suggestions/mocking laughs at my expense?

(a VERY embarrassed) Tink


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I wish I could help you Tink, but although I know what I know WELL, they stuff I don't know, I don't know at all . Plus I haven't touched an Apple since I got rid of my IIe in 1992. Sorry.



Hey Tink, until you figure a way to get the reply button to show there is a long winded way you could try.

When you find a topic you want to reply to, head up to the address bar at the top of the screen.

In the example of your topic it reads;


Now, to reply, you need to change the word 'display' to 'post', and after the thread ID (in this case 723) you need to write the following;


On topics that have multiple pages, the theead ID may not be the last thing in the address, but just delete everything after the thread ID number, and type the above again.

This 'should' ;) work, if I've explained it badly, let me know and I'll try again.

Good luck!



It might be worth mentioning that for me both posting and replying work just fine using Safari.

I'll email you and see if we can't figure out what the hold up might be.



Thank you Derek- your fix worked wonderfully. I keep hoping that I'll figure out what is up with my machine... And 1313, thanks for the knowledge about Safari. And here I was thinking it was a bug to report to Apple. In my craziest paranoia, I almost thought it was Steve Jobs, in his anger over Michael Eisner's treatment of Pixar, deliberately having Apple programmers disbale the ability to work with Disney related web sites...

But now knowing that some people are able to use Safari and other Mac-browsers to post on this site... Perhaps Steve Jobs is just angry with me for some reason... :)

Thanks all for the (temporary) help! :)



Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

even so I do not have a Mac I thought if you answer the following question this may help others find the problem: are there any buttons below the last post in a topic / thread? Usually they should be aligned to the right...

Maybe you could make a screenshot and post it here, so that we can see, what the browser displays?

Also: this is the URL of the graphic of the reply button: http://www.magicmusic.net/discuss/YaBBImages/reply.gif maybe you could take a look at the code of the page in your browser and search for this to see wether the browser did load the complete code of the page??