O Canada, Where Art Thou?



When I started on this musical journey, I had a handful of CDs and a huge want list. I've reset my top ten wants over and over as tracks have appeared like magic. I've made some great friends of some very generous souls and I find myself with only a few wants left. But there is one that eats away at me....gnawing....

Doesn't it strike anyone odd that with audio from most of the major attractions in WDW floating around cyberspace that there is only a noisy live version of O, Canada? (Apologies to the poor soul who posted it....I AM grateful to have a version of it....Thank you....I'm just a quality queen) I love O, Canada and would love to "complete" my EPCOT experience in style. I marvel that we have the Hydrolater and the Floating Puppy and 4 versions of Illuminations.... but where is Canada?
(rhetorical question....please....no geographical responses)

X-S Tech

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It is weird especially because the one thing that seems to consistently leak out is the audio for the various films shown at the park.
O Canada is not that easy. and since we're on the subject I wouldnt call half the film's that come out leaks at all. There's really nothing leaked about them. It's not like Circles of life, Food Rocks, The Spirit of Norway, HISTA's ex - preshow, the American Adventure,or even the Seas (which transmitted audio quality stinks beyond all belief).

O Canada, like Impressions De France and the English track for Ellen's energy Adventure, broadcasts ONLY the dialog over infrared frequencies. No Music...No Sound effects If someone wants the dialog it's yours (shoot me an e-mail) but that's ALL it is.