O Canada! Queue Music


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I just got back from a trip to WDW and was curious about a piece of music I heard while waiting for the O Canada! Film. It sounded like a brass piece, or at least sythensized brass, and was almost folk song like in nature. I've done some reading up on the attraction here and found that Bruce Broughton has scored the new movie as well as some of the load music. Does anyone know if this is a piece by him, or something different? I tried to use Shazam and even recorded most of it on my phone. Unfortunately right as I started a woman and her children came in and made the recording unuseable. If anyone is able to help I would be most grateful.

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Was this in the waiting area or inside the CircleVision theater itself? The load/unload music for the show was made available as part of the O' Canada track  iTunes on the current WDW Official Album.