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Hello all!

I apologize if this is covered in the archives (though I didn't see it in my search), but does anyone have any information on the music from the film that plays at the conclusion of the Maelstrom ride in the Norway pavilion at Epcot? ("...the spirit -- it lives in our people...")

I understand that this movie may be departing soon, in favor of a new movie honoring Norway's 100th birthday (?). I absolutely love the orchestral score piece that is the finale of the film (piano, violin, etc. -- starts after the national holiday scene and continues through the end of the film).

If anyone knows the composer, or where this piece might have been published on CD (or anything else about it), I would be most grateful!

Thanks so much!

--mmouse :)


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Michel Colombier composed the music for the Norway film. Unfortunately, it has not been released.

I emailed him years ago at, and he quickly replied, saying that he doesn't recall keeping a copy of the music in any format. However, if he happened to find it, he'd post it on his audio sample page. It has yet to appear. :(

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Michel Colombier has a really amazing site. I posted an inquiry on his message board... perhaps he will answer at some point (though it wasn't immediately clear to me whether he has paid attention to the message board in the last year or two..).


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I, for one, enjoy the noisy and jarring film, especially the boxy old computers that are shown as an example of Norway's commitment to high technology, and the 80s fashion models. :)

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Some sad news... I just read on the Film Score Monthly message board that composer Michel Colombier has passed away. I don't know his work, except for his beautiful score to the Norway film. R.I.P.
I've been meaning to thank you for the sad update.

I was just reviewing my recordings from our August WDW trip last night, and the Norway film was one of the last ones I made, as my son really enjoys the score. Sorry to say, I'm not familiar with Michel Colombier's work either--something to investigate......

Thanks again,

P. S. I just looked him up in my VideoHound's Soundtracks book(wish they'd update this great reference)--he's only listed for scoring an 80's film, Surrender--and only 1 and a half bones.......