Noooooooo!!!! Horrible Area music for DL's Tomorrowland

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Allright we all know that Tomorrowland 98 wasn't, well, wasn't very good. And it's aged worse. Today I noticed a new gray hair as it were. As you head past the Astro Orbiter, the area music from Club Buzz is being piped through the Observatron speakers now. I don't know why this music bugs me more now than it did before. Perhaps it's being isolated to "just a restaurant" made me somewhat forgiving of it's "Needle-droppy-Campy synthy-space-ness". But to broadcast it over a good portion of the land (and out into Outer Space? Or is the Observatron only a recieving station. Who cares...) is just lame. I walked by as that Disco version of Star Wars theme came on. It was cute when it was eating music, less so now as real area music.
Of course the real tragedy is that the best area music, which to my mind would still sound totally appropriate (even if Tomorrowland is in the condition it is in) is the Tomorrowland 2055 loop (AKA the tomorrowland bathroom music). But it does indeed languish only in the bathrooms. The volume has been lowered in the breezeway between the HISTA exit and the Starcade, despite this area now being used for Annual Pass processing as well. What better way to start a new AP's year than by treating them to the marvelous tunes of Tomorrowland's past? Well perhaps they will have to relieve themselves before they head out into the park. We can only hope no one flushes too loudly.


Thats interesting, because I was reading another article here the other day and I realized that Tomorrowland might be the only land in DL that doesnt HAVE area music:

Main Street - Of course!

Adventureland - ? I dont rememebr any

New Orleans Square - OK, none here either but plenty of other music...

Critter Country - Pooh might provide the music for this area now

Frontierland - Yup

Fantasyland - YES!....sort of...

Toontown - YES!

and does now ;)

But :( I dont understand why they cant use the superior TL2055 music, it has everything, Tomorrowland past and a new theme, this track is Nostalgia supreme...its everything Tony Baxter seems to strive for, and I would think the imagineers would want to salvage some aspect of the "much loved" TL2055 project.

Yay for the new area music, but lets hope they do something better with it before the 50th ;)


Main Street- Main Street Loop
Adventureland- Only loop here is some Hawaiian music in the Tiki Room pre-show and the radio in both Indy and Jungle Cruise
New Orleans Square- There is a jazz loop played by the Rivers as well as a somewhat musical loop from a window.
Critter Country- Winnie the Pooh has a loop and Splash's loop play near the restaurant
Frontierland- Frontierland Loop
Fantasyland- each dark ride has a queue loop and the carousel plays at Dumbo and Carousel, Storybookland has a loop, Small World has a short loop, Matterhorn has a loop
Toontown-Toontown loop
TOmorrowland- Bathroom loop and the new one mentioned...
well.....if you count the attraction que msuic as part of park background music, then you have to include

Inoventions exterior music.....the Autopia grandstand music. In the past there relly wasn't a general loop of background music in Tomorrowland has mostly been attraction and or area specific......The Space Place /Space Mountain Plaza had it's own music in the 70's done by Done Dorsy....and the Peoplemover music could always be heard around the entire land.....and Subs had it's own load music.the Monorail speedramp had it's own music in the late 60's early 70's.......even in later years Tomorrowland Terrace had it's own area music before the renovation in '98.

someone had asked about WDW Tomorrowland BGM.........

in the early 70's there was a "Tomorrowland entry bridge" loop.......a Skyway Station loop and by the mid 70's there was a WEDWAY level loop, a Star Jets level look........I think the WEDWAY level msuic was always kinda the general Tomorrowland BGM loop.



I have been trying to track down the list for the Club Buzz loop as I know most of it is needledrop. So, does anyone recognize any of the songs on the loop? I recognize a few songs from what I have heard. I asked different CM's around Club Buzz if they had a listing of the loop somewhere. I was told to ask the Club Buzz show director however, she had left for the day. C'mon, let's play name that tune! The songs I recognize are:

Club Buzz Theme

Star Wars Disco - Stars On 45

Planet Claire - The B-52's (from their self titled album)

Planet Earth - Devo (from their album "Freedom Of Choice")

While some may not like this loop, it is there.


I was there on Wednesday...and made an effort to go over to TL and listen to the new music....They were playing what sounded like Hillary Duff style synth pop


Oh god NO!!! Why??? WHY????!!!