Non-DRM Disney MP3 on Amazon?


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Haven't seen any posting on this. So forgive if it's old news...

Is anyone else a little shocked that Amazon is selling non-DRM Disney (256 kbps MP3) tunes? I thought for sure Disney would be the last to allow their music to go without rights-management. Of course it's all the mainstream stuff - no 20,000 Leagues or anything. But, still... the albums they do have are not on iTunes Plus (the just added to iTunes Lady and the Tramp, for example). Just wondering if this could be the start of a beautiful relationship, one with no DRM.



i don't care about the DRM so much as it'd be nice for itunes to start selling lossless and disney getting on board with that

Captain Hank

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Wow, finally! I'd contemplated buying a few of these albums through iTunes, but I hate DRM, and I don't have an iPod. I bought an album with DRM on it through once, and about 50% of the time it won't play because it's having trouble "phoning home" and wants me to restart my computer. Never again.

I don't mind as much not being lossless--for regular listening purposes, 256 Kbps is good enough for me.