Non Disney Ride Soundtracks

Some parks were fairly wonderful here and there with their rides. One soundtrack I dont have a link but have is Knotts Beary Tales. Get a hold of Extinct Attractions DVD for the ride.

Some other links:

Great America's Demon:
This soundtrack is demented, plain and simple. A 70's pop kitsch song begins, then the rest of it mixes Negativland with a cartoon. Very tongue in cheek and good clean fun.

Speelunker's Cave
dark and mysterious with these cute character types at Six Flags Over Texas. The ride was redone with Bugs Bunny and characters, and people wish for the original gem of a ride.


I recently purchased a copy of Universal Studios' Conan: Sword and Sorcery Spectacular which was really great.

Also, the cd "Back to the Future Trilogy" has the soundtrack to Back the the Future: The Ride.

Universal put out on DVD Shrek 4D calling it Shreck 3D and sold it as a compliment to their Shrek DVD to boost sales.

Universal also has a really nice edited "ride-through" of Jurassic Park the Ride, sound effects music and all, on the Jurassic Park Trilogy Bonus Disc