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Well...Dr. Know has just brought it to my attention that my beloved O, Canada...still eluding now on the chopping block. They're apparently filming a new Circlevision film and the one that we've known since the beginning of Epcot Center ("We....are people of Canada") is going to be no more. I attempted to record it using the mic in my camcorder...even stood through it 4 times....but was disappointed with the results. "Oh...would you look at that...isn't that magnificent?" " will be over soon" " can't sit on the rails"

Anyone going to save the day and get THE DEFINITIVE recording of O, Canada before it ceases it's lifetime journey?


Hopefully you'll get your definitive recording of O, Canada.

I've posted it over at the Inside The Magic Discussion Forums (in the "Requests" section) in order to inform more people of your problem and hopefully get a nifty binaural recording of O, Canada out of the deal.


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I've got a decent live recording Bill. It is just live but I don't remember being distracted by Guest noise.

Let's not forget that for a very short time the Canadian Circlevision film done for the Expo 86 did play at Epcot. but yes, O' Canada is still what people remember.

Dr. Know

I'm going to miss O, Canada! Maybe the individual reels of film will end up in one of those ebay auctions of Disney park cast-offs, and you can recreate the theatre in your apartment, Bill (like Kramer re-creating the Merv Griffin set in his pad).


Having worked at the Canada pavilion for a year, I'd also love to get a clean recording of the soundtrack before its too late. Perhaps its time to make friends with some Canadian cast members by posting over on where many of them hang out.

Disney produced a Circlevision film for Expo67, and another for Expo86. The 1986 film was shown in Epcot briefly, until public ourcry brought back O Canada.


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I luv Oh Canada! I'm half Canadian so it is always fun to see the best show eva @ Epcot! The show is the best eva b/c of the huge screen, the awesome scenery etc!


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I went over to EPCOT today to see what type of recording I could get. I know someone who just tried an ALD recording, but I have not heard the results yet.

As far as I can tell, it is almost impossible to get a high quality recording of this attraction. I had hoped to get a somewhat empty theater, but the three times I tried today, it was packed. Lots of audience noise, etc... Also, all of the speakers appear to be located on the ceiling, and the sound was rather low. I'll try again this weekend.

I had posted previously about the Expo 86 audio file I came across ("Portraits of Canada"). It was thought by those that heard it that it was not a source copy, but, rather, an ALD recording of the narration with the music overlay (which is very different than the music to O'Canada). Still a nice piece of work, assuming it is the actual music that played at the attraction (I never saw that version).
John Michael Zov and I can't think of the other but she's fairly famous. . .

I believe Bob Moline has the writing credit for the music.
There was a pretty nice source recording of O Canada out there back when Napster was new. I was on dial-up at the time, and only got about 50 seconds of it. I got up to where he says, "We bid you welcome." I would share that, but it was ages ago and the fragment is on my old computer, which died. I've been searching for that for a long time. It's out there.


I normally don't like to resuscitate dead threads, however I thought you might like to know to check out next Monday. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by what you see. :-X
This is purely a guess, but I think the first voice you hear speaking in O CANADA is that of actor/singer Don Francks, who co-starred in FINIAN'S RAINBOW with Petula Clark and Fred Astaire, did several cartoon voices, recorded an album that included "What? No Mickey Mouse?" and whose daughter is Cree Summer, who played Frankie on A DIFFERENT WORLD and was the voice of Penny on INSPECTOR GADGET. He has a very distinctive gravelly voice.


Composer Bruce Broughton (EEA, HISTA, etc...) will be doing the music for the NEW Canada Circle Vision Show.
Greg - I think you're right about the voice for the movie. Any idea regarding the title song?

Christopher - what's your source? Thanks!