Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD

I just bought the new release of The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD. I know that some of you will "boo" me about this, but I have never really gotten into this movie before. Of course, I had never seen it, but it just looked and sounded very weird to me. I mainly bought the DVD because it has a ride through of the Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour on it in the Bonus Features. I have never seen the Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour in person. I love the ride through. It actually has a ride through with the regular audio soundtrack from the ride. It also has a separate feature of the ride through with the audio of the soundtrack, but there are pop up boxes with trivia about the mansion and the Haunted Mansion Holiday version. There is also a "Making Of" part that goes through all of the things in the ride and the imagineers and artists, etc., explain how the Haunted Mansion was created and put together. It was really great. Now I am actually looking forward to watching the movie, just in time for Halloween. If you haven't already gotten this DVD, I recommend that you do. If you like the Haunted Mansion Holiday, I think you will really enjoy the Bonus Features on the DVD.
I almost forgot! During the "Making Of" section of the Bonus Features, there is some footage played of the old Haunted Mansion. Does anyone know where this might have come from? I would be interested in seeing it, if I could. It looks like it was done in the 70's sometime. I am not sure if there was ever any video done of the Haunted Mansion by Disney before. You have to remember, my first obsession with all things Disney did not start until in the very late 80's and early 90's. I don't know a lot about things that were around before then, other than what I learn here. If anybody has any ideas of where it might have come from, please let me know. Thanks!


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I didn't exactly get excited on my first viewing of Nightmare before Christmas. However, I listened to the soundtrack a lot and I became a fan of the film that way. I recently purchased my copy too and have really enjoyed it.