Nice review of STORY of WD Records!


Here's Animation Authority Mike Barrier's review, posted January 28, 2007, on his site:

Mouse Tracks

I've taken much too long to say something about Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records by Tim Hollis and Greg Ehrbar, which was published last year by the University Press of Mississippi. I read this book late last fall on an airplane, returning from a visit to Washington, D.C., and I must admit that I approached it with skepticism. It seemed like a book that would appeal mostly to a very specialized audience?collectors of Disney records and a few other connoisseurs of Disneyana?and not so much to people like me, with a broader interest in things Disney.

I was pleasantly surprised. Mouse Tracks is a more attractive and interesting book than I expected, especially in its early chapters, where Walt and Roy Disney?mostly Roy?make frequent appearances. (Merchandise of all kinds was Roy's territory; Walt rarely devoted any time to it.) The book is intelligently organized, with lots of sidebars on individual performers. I might have wished for a little more substantial documentation, but Hollis and Ehrbar have clearly drawn on unimpeachable sources, and I saw nothing to inspire the kind of doubt I've felt when reading so many other officially sanctioned Disney books.

The illustrations are generally impressive, too. I was particularly taken with the one on page 21, a mid-1950s advertisement for the first Disney soundtrack albums, with beautifully designed jackets for the albums devoted to films like Snow White and Pinocchio. "Disneyland Records' original [soundtrack] LPs were meant to take their place alongside other movie soundtrack albums of the day," the caption reads. "Not until later would they be considered primarily children's records."


Wow, he actually said something GOOD about another writer's book for a change. Usually he's more vainglorious.



May I add that Mouse Tracks: the Story of Walt Disney Records is in my opinion a very complete companion to the music itself. I am happy to know the facts behind the excitement of The Rainbow Road to Oz as performed on the newly issued Your Host Walt Disney DVD.
Tim and I would like to paraphrase the Munchkins:
We thank you very sweetly,
for commenting so neatly,
for reading MOUSE TRACKS so completely,
So we thank you very sweetly.