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So you run into Randy Thornton one day and he asks you which of the following titles would YOU like to see released as part of the next Wonderland CD series.So vote already!


The votey thing doesn't seem to work.

I go for Family Band as well, given the choices. (I REALLY want the 70's MMC and the rest of the Annette catalog, but I'm obviously insane.)

I don't know if Randy could swing it, what with licensing issues and all, but "Vanishing Prairie" was originally a 10-inch album on Columbia (CL-6332). The one side of the Buena Vista album is a truncated version of that Columbia album, IIRC. Wouldn't it be cool if he could get the whole thing?
I really enjoy listening to the early Disneyland label records ( Yes, I have a record player :)). I have been collecting Disney vinyl for some time. I would agree that Song of the South is one that should be on CD. Wonderful music!! I have transferred several of my favorite records to CD for my own use. I was surprised to see many of the first ones I put on CD were the ones Randy did also ( Disneyland Band Concert, Walt Disney Takes you to Disneyland, Date Nite at DL, Golden Horseshoe Revue)
I am a member of the northwest chapter of NFFC (Mountainears) and recently had a meeting at my house. For a treat, I opened one of my sealed records STER 4021 "Walt Disney's Cavalcade". Music from Mickey Mouse to Sleeping Beauty. This record had been sealed over 40 years and I did not have an open copy so it was my first time to hear it also. It played wonderfully!!! Narrated by Ken Carpenter giving history of Disney music. Now this would make a great CD to release.
Order of preference:

1) Song of the South
2) Camarata Interprets Music From Cinderella/Bambi
3) One & Only Genuine Original Family Band
4) The Moon Spinners
5) That Darn Cat
6) Grand Canyon
7) The Black Hole
8) Living Desert/Vanishing Prairie
I'd like to see:

Little Gems from Big Shows (Mouseketeers sing Broadway!)

Saludos Amigos/The Three Caballeros

A Nature Guide About Birds, Bees, Beavers and Bears

Perri (music was nominated for an Oscar, after all)

Autumn/Summer/Spring/Fall (Camarata's music)

Happy Wanderer in Europe (more cool Camarata)

The Moon Spinners

Four Adventures of Zorro

Any of the 1950s Storytellers (Annette's Snow White, for example)

Camarata Interprets Music from Cinderella and Bambi

Johnny Tremain

And last, "The Sword in the Stone" pop-up record where much of the original cast expand and include dialogue not heard in the film...


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wonderlandmusicfan I wanted to add Saludos Amigos/The Three Caballeros to the list, but I ran out of room.

I chose my top 8 favorite titles for the list, although it was a tough decision to leave Saludos Amigos/3 Caballeros off the list - I left it off because I didn't think Disney would release the songs from the original film soundtrack, and I would hate to see a 'wasted' Wonderland music release.

I am glad to see the response, but only '8' votes out of almost 200 views?!?!?!

matt d.

Maybe too late for this year but I am really hoping for a release of any of the various Haunted Mansion or Halloween (Witch Hazel rules!) LPs on the Wonderland system. :D

matt d.


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I didn't think eBay permitted "bootlegs" on their site. The seller clearly states that this in not an 'official' Disney release.

Curiouser and Curiouser.


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> I didn't think eBay permitted "bootlegs" on
> their site. The seller clearly states that this
> in not an 'official' Disney release.

They may not have picked up on it. It doesn't use any of the "key words" that would connotate it being a bootleg.



I threw my vote in for Song of the South


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Here ya go FANTASMIC, I bumped this post just for you.


If Eisner & Iger still have jobs at Disney, and Bill Mechanic, who helped put the company in the state that it is today can be re-placed in the company (from Disney to Fox, then back to Disney) as head of MIRAMAX and screw that up too, then nothing is impossible!

[getting off soap box, returning to reality]
Song of the South
The One and Only, Genuine Original Family Band
Camarata Conducts Music from Cinderella and Bambi
Camarata Interprets Snow White
Camarata Conducts 33 Great Disney Motion Picture Melodies
Saludos Amigos
Songs From the Sword in the Stone
Songs From 101 Dalmatians
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
Songs of Zorro and other TV Heroes
Songs from The Mickey Mouse Club Serials
Songs from The Mickey Mouse Club (1 and 2)
Holidays with the Mouseketeers
Mouseketeer Song Fest
Annette Sings Anka
Beach Party
Muscle Beach Party
Bikini Beach
Pajama Party
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
In Search of the Castaways (songs)
Music from Three Hayley Mills Movies
That Darn Cat!
The Moon-Spinners
The Shaggy Dog
Disney's Dog Songs
Sleeping Beauty Told and Sung by Mary Martin
Disney's Most Beloved Songs
Disney's Happiest Songs
Disney's Merriest Songs
Darlene of the Teens
The Absent-Minded Profesor
Adventures in Music
Pecos Bill
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
Trick or Treat
A Christmas Adventure in Disneyland