Next Wonderland releases


Any word on the next set of Wonderland releases?

I would particularly be interested in if there are any plans to release the Hall of Presidents on CD

X-S Tech

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That would be cool. I wouldn't mind some of the more obscure Storyteller titles. I didn't really grow up with any of them but keep hearing about different ones that were available and they sound cool. Mr. Toad, Brer Rabbit, Trick or Treat (with Donald and Witch Hazel), I think kids today would eat these up more than the purely musical stuff.


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Well there has been no mention yet of the next releases, but make sure you vote on the earlier post about the next Wonderland release to see if we can persuade what is produced on CD from LP.

The vote is unscientific and in no way is an indication of what will be released or what isn't, but it is fun to let the 'powers that be' know what we would like to see next.

(Scroll thru the previous posts to find the poll for the next Wonderland releases)