Newsgroups- help, anyone?


Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone here could help me get to the disney parks newsgroup that people go to.

First of all, how do I get onto a newsgroup, and how do I get to this one?

I have tried before using a tutorial for newsgroups kind of thing, but it just was too difficult to understand.

Sorry if I am not supposed to talk about this stuff here. if were not supposed to, could someone please pm me about how to get there?

This is really something you need to check with your ISP about. Some ISP's don't even support Newsgroup access, and others severely limit what you can download, and still others don't even carry the newsgroups you may be interested in. I suggest reading through the archives here once you've established if your ISP even supports it.

In any case, I don't think a public forum such as this, and the climate we're in right now, is an appropriate place to discuss these kinds of things. The archives are chock full of threads about this subject and where to download the apprropriate software.

As I said, check with your ISP (Go to their website) and search for information about Newsgroups and how you can get access to them and what programs they recommend.