New Wonderland yet?

Unless something unforeseen happens, the five new titles ? "Songs from 'Lady and the Tramp'", "A Musical Tour of France", "The Parent Trap", and "Meet Me Down on Main Street" ? should be uploaded to the Wonderland system Friday 7/16 ? meaning these titles should be available Friday evening / Saturday morning.

Sorry for the slight delay.

Randy Thornton


(narkspud does rapid calculation, rechecks math more carefully, then confidently strides forward with a question)

What's the fifth title? ;)
Randy mentioned in the interview that was posted on laughingplace, and in an earlier post, that the Annette Hawaii-themed album, aptly named "Hawaiiannette" was the other title.

Ya know, when I don't use my fingers, I just can't count worth a darn. Yes, the fifth title is "Hawaiiannette".
Aaaah......I can almost hear the Mellomen now, singing a crackle-free "Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield"! And my sealed copy of Chevalier's Tour is full of crackles--at least I'll have a clear recording for next year's Bastille Day!

Thank you, Randy, for the up-teenth time, for some perfect choices!


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Allright here's something wierd. I was perusing the single "non Wonderland" kiosk in Twentieth Century Music (2 are devoted to Wonderland, one is not) and noticed that several titles have been added to it's inventory as well. Nothing I particularly care about, lotsa Disney Channel Original Soundtracks (Pixel Perfect, Cheetah Girls, etc...). What's really wierd is that under the Theme Parks section they list, "Wishes", "WDW 100 Years of magic", "WDW Official Album (2000)", "Festival of the Lion King (DAK)", "OA WDW-Where the Magic Lives", etc.... Anyway, not only does DL usually not get WDW albums but none of these were on the shelves. They aren't part of the burn on demand system either. The CM working at night had only been in the shop a scant 3 hours so, nice as she was, she couldn't tell me anything. I assume that these CD's are due in soon and just haven't quite made it to the shelves yet. What I want to know is....

Why do we have 2 out of date WDW OA's on there but not the new upcoming one? Am I gonna have to give in and pay WDW's shipping fee?
Hi Gang, Just to confirm. All 5 CD's Were uploaded to the System on Friday, except Lady and The Tramp is having some problems. They were only able to get one Lady and The Tramp to Burn (Friday). This could be fixed now though. I did manage to pick up all 5 CD's, and they are amazing. Randy Keep up the amazing work. :)
From the Cover of My Parent Trap CD it reads...

Camarata Conducts The Music From, Walt Disney's The Parent Trap

Tracklisting as follows...

1. For Now For Always - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) /Camarata Orchestra and Chorus
2. Let's Get Together - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) / Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills
3. Whistling At The Boys - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) / The School Belles
4. Cobbler, Cobbler - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) / Hayley Mills
5.For Now For Always - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) / Maureen O' Hara
6. The Parent Trap - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) / Tommy Sands & Annette
7. Intermezzo - (Heinz Provost) / Music By Camarata
8. Swiss Family Theme (My Heart Was An Island) - (Gilkyson) / Music By Camarata
9. Sleeping Beauty Overture - (Adair-Bruns, From Tchaikovsky Ballet) / Music By Camarata
10. Love Theme From Sleeping Beauty - (Adapted By Bruns From Tchaikovsky Ballet) / Camarata Orchestra and Chorus
11. Alice In Wonderland - (Hilliard-Fain) / Camarata Orchestra and Chorus
12. Maggie's Theme from "The Parent Trap" - (Richard M. Sherman/Robert B. Sherman) / Camarata Orchestra - Hammack & Valente, Pianists