New WDW Tomorrowland BGM


Just a heads-up for all the park music collectors. The now-familiar and oft-traded WDW Tomorrowland BGM can now be labelled "Tomorrowland BGM (1989 - 2003)". A newly-recorded BGM loop consisting of synthesizer-arranged versions of '50s-era scifi tunes and familiar Tomorrowland standards (such as "If You Had Wings", "The Best Time Of Your Life" and "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow") was installed at the Magic Kingdom this past Friday, July 11. The new loop, recorded specifically for use at WDW, runs just shy of forty minutes.

Kudos in advance to the first guy who nabs this one ;)

That's great to hear!! I wonder who was responsible for that! Give that guy(or gal) a raise!!!! what other tunes where in that line up??



Interesting news, I wonder if I ever get back out there, if the place will feel different.

X-S Tech

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Wow!! You really have to wonder what prompted this. I am curious to find out what other themes are used as well, especially since WDW Tomorrowland has a slightly smaller music library to draw from than DL's. But that's great that "If You Had Wings" is back. Gee, this totally made my day.


What great news to learn the day I'm heading down to Walt Disney World. I'll be sure to listen as I'm queueing up for Carousel of Progress.

Jessica L

This news strikes me as both sad and awesome. While I love the (now) old loop, it's exciting that Tomorrowland will be getting a custom loop - and with such great music too!

Does anyone know if they happened to increase the volume of the background music? Everytime I've been there (at least in the daytime, at night it's not so much a problem) you could never hear it unless you were right under or near a speaker. That TTC narration is just so darn loud!



While it's great news to hear about this new loop music, I think I'm going to miss the old loop. The old loop fit in so well with the overall theme and ambiance of Tomorrowland. Speaking of which, does anybody have the full list of the songs on the old loop? I used to have them on my hard-drive, but after it crashed, I lost all of it. reality, I think WDW's Tomorrowland may have had a much LARGER song library.......these are a quick "come to mind" list....

01) RCA Leads The Way (space mt)
02) We've Come So Far (space mt)
03) The Best Time of Your Life (CoP)
04) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (CoP)
05) From Time to Time (Time Keeper)
06) The Monorail Song (WEDWAY)
07) You Can Fly [On Seabird Wings] (You Can Fly)
08) We're Gonna Take You Flying (Dreamflight)
09) Magic Carpet 'Round The World Theme (Circlevison)
10) Seize The Future (Alien Encounter)
11) American Journey's (Circlevison)
12) Buzzlightyear Theme (same)
13) Building for America (Black & Decker circlevison)
14) America The Beautiful (circlevision)

well, I may have missed some things.......and I still can't find info on the Monsanto preshow song for America The Beautiful........and I'm not sure in Sonny Eclipse music is original copy.....But as you can see I think it may be difficult to come up with as large of a list for Disneyland's Tomorrowland.....

I think this would make a wonderland loop...thanks for the mold, Spaceliner!

01) We've Come So Far (space mt)
02) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (CoP)
03) The Monorail Song (WEDWAY)
04) New Horizons (Horizons, EPCOT)
05) America The Beautiful (CircleVision)
06) If You Had Wings (IYHW)
07) We're Gonna Take you Flying (Dreamflight)
08) Now is the Time (CoP)
09) From Time to Time - DLP version (TK)
10) Magic Carpet 'Round The World Theme (Circlevison)
11) Space (Horizons, EPCOT)
12) RCA Leads the Way (Space MTN)
13) You Can Fly [On Seabird Wings] (You Can Fly)
14) Seize The Future (Alien Encounter)
15) Flying Machines (Dreamflight)
16) American Journeys (Circlevison)
17) Building for America (Black & Decker CircleVison)
18) All Because Man Wanted to Fly (American Journeys)
19) Dreamflight Theme (Dreamflight)
20) From Time to Time (WDW TK)
21) Miracles from Molecules (ATIS, DL)
22) Tower of the Four Winds Theme (Magic Skyway, NY)


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I don't know about that, Disneyland has a pretty large library as well. You could use anything from...

1. Carousel of Progress
2. America Sings
3. Innoventions
4. America the Beautiful
5. American Journeys
6. Wonders of China
7. Rocket Rods
8. Peoplemover
9. Autopia (Go Go Goodyear)
10. Adventure Thru Innerspace
11. 20, 000 Leagues walk through
12. Star Tours
13. Space Mountain
14. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
15. Captain EO
16. Magic Journeys

I'm sure there's something I'm overlooking, but I think DL's Tomorrowland has about as much music to pull from as WDW's does.
If one would include cues from Horizons as part of a Tomorrowland loop, then one could also include the magnificent cues of the original EPCOT Entrance Medley (1982-1998) or the instrumental of "Tomorrow's Child" that played when you reached the top of Spaceship Earth (and which was part of the 2000 Entrance loop)
Hmm; new BGM for Tomorrowland. As a 'huge' fan of the previous loop (I never felt like I had arrived at WDW until I was either in Epcot or in Tomorrowland listening to their loops) it's a sad day but I'm excited to see and hear what's in the new one.

I'm always up for new variations on IAGBBT. . .

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I for one am really surprised that so many people are stepping forward as fans of the old loop. I never really thought anything of it, but then I only got to experience it a handful of times and hardly noticed it then. I guess it's an association thing. The music doesn't have to be spectacular but if you associate it with a pleasant place it means more to you. This isn't meant to be an insult to the composers of the last loop, I mean I love DL's Peoplemover loop, but on analysis it's not so much the music as what it makes me think of.
You're right, X-S Tech, I think it's an association thing. There's just something wonderful about walking into Tomorrowland from the central hub and hearing 'Bubble Shuffle' and 'Sea Space' or taking the back road from Space Mountain to the WDWRR stop outside of Toontown and hearing 'Hidden Pathways'. To me, that's what I think of when someone says Tomorrowland -- the loop and not the rides. I also have to say that the loop at night is the 'best' time to drink it all in.

Dr. Know

I also agree with X-S's interesting comments. I have never been as fond of "needle drop" loops, especially from non-Disney sources, as I am of instrumental or synthesizer loops composed for the parks. I can't wait to hear the new loop! ;D


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This is an interesting discussion. I personally am a big fan of needle-drop. I admit that the commissioned pieces are what define Disney but the creative use of existing works is always a pleasure to hear.

DCA is a perfect example. Disney could have commissioned Randy Edelman to compose a specific piece for one of the queues but for those who know his work it is a joy to hear something that you recognize. Besides more people will hear him at Soarin' than ever saw "The Distinguished Gentleman."

Nevertheless, I too am anxious to hear the new loop.

Dr. Know

Funny you should use that example, Timothy, since the Soarin' loop is actually one of the few needle-drops that I love... Of course, I am a rabid film music fan, so that partially explains it, but I think the choices throughout that loop and in the Condor Flats area were really inspired.


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Dr Know,
I think you got me with the ricochet. I realize you were acknowledging my point but I think you actually made your own case stronger.

I too am a big fan of film music and I become quite upset with directors who think they are music dj's, shoveling in current hits as a soundtrack. Few of them are as talented at this as Jonathan Demme or even Spike Lee and are unable to save bad films with rap soundtracks.

The music has to match and even enhance the rest of the experience so the question is whether the music that had been used in Tomorrowland was appropriate. I thought it was, but obviously someone at WDI thought it was time for a change.


Just got back from a week at the Florida Mouse House. The background music is just as hard to hear as it's always been. While on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, you get a great chance for a short listen while passing over the Timekeeper door.

I was with family who insisted we ride as much as we could, so I didn't get to sit and listen much, but I did hear "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", "Now is the Time", and "If You Had Wings" in the loop. It gave me a reason to explain to my family how the Imagineers like to toss small tributes to long forgotten rides into the park mix.

By the way -- Carousel of Progress was operating while I was there. On Saturday, July 19 the father in the 1940's scene had a very bad hair day. Luckily it was fixed when I returned on Wednesday, July 23, but then his eyes were stuck in the locked position. Made it hard to watch and pay attention to him. The Ellen figure in Universe of Energy wasn't working at all on July 17. Wouldn't have been near as noticable if they would have just turned off her audio, but when people heard and looked for her... well, they saw a lifeless person. Quite morbid.

Oh well. It's a theme park. There will be glitches.