New WDW Book



Horrible Cover...Interesting Read

Not sure if any of you have read David Koenig's previous book about Disneyland, but he's written a new one about Walt Disney World, "Realityland", and it's quite different from the earlier books. The older books were light and full of salacious gossip...who died in Disneyland, etc. This book is an interesting history of Walt Disney World...something which seems strangely absent in light of the plethora of books about the origins of Disneyland.

While I have yet to finish it, I would recommend it based on what I HAVE read for any fans of Disney World in its heyday.


Is it actually out yet? I have been to Virgin at DTD, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Waldenbooks and have found nothing. Alot of the searches done in store say that there isn't even a distributer.

Dr. Know

This book is on my Christmas wishlist... I have been looking forward to it. It is certainly true that Walt Disney World hasn't been given the same scholarly attention as Disneyland. Of course, it is newer, but deserving of serious treatment.


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I have to agree that it started out as a great read and then jsut got really boring and it began to read like a guidebook towards the end.

But it did make me think and post this question:

What would Walt Disney World and Orlando, for that matter, be like today wihtout Eisner"s influence on outdoing every attraction in Florida?


Allow me to throw in a shameless plug here, if I may: If you're in the LA area, David will be giving a presentation on "Realityland" at the next meeting of the NFFC Studio (Los Angeles) Chapter on Sunday at 1:00. Details are at in the "Calendar of Events" section. (I'm a past president of the Chapter.)