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I figure that you guys know all of this already, but here is some info on the next TREASURES DVD releases, from

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Since man cannot live by horror movies alone (well, I could), here's some happy Disney stuff the whole family can enjoy.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment will issue their next wave of Walt Disney Treasures on December 2nd. These excellent limited edition two-disc sets feature the same great collectible packaging, and titles in this lineup include

The Chronological Donald
Walt Disney on the Front Lines
Walt Disney's Tomorrowland
Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2.

The Chronological Donald presents all of the shorts starring Donald from "Donald and Pluto" in 1936 to "Chef Donald" in 1941, 36 of 'em in all.

Mickey Mouse In Living Color: Volume 2 covers Mickey from 1939 to 1995, with 21 shorts in all.

Walt Disney On The Front Lines documents the training, propaganda and educational films Walt created over the years, as well as his contributions to the war effort. There are 32 shorts and films in this set.

Finally, Walt Disney's Tomorrowland is a compilation of the "Disneyland" TV episodes that focused on outer space and space travel, six in all. Retail is $39.95 each.



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Well, good to see that "War Years" and "Disney in Outer Space" are indeed on the schedule for this year. It's interesting that the names have changed too...they seem a little bit more innocuous than before.


The War Years and Tomorrowland discs are great! Finally, we can get some of those great WW2 shorts that Disney did and havent been released before (have they?)

Der Fuhers Face! ;D

But where are the Disneyland shows? :( I was kinda hoping there would be Disney Goes to the Fair in this pack. Now that Ive aquired the Worlds Fair discs, Im in Worlds Fair MODE :)

Maybe next time

The Trout

Yeesh, this is an AWESOME set! A Donald collection (DONALD IS GOD), more Disneyland episodes, war shorts (Go HEIL! *thppt!* HEIL! *thppt!* Right in Der Fuerer's face...), and a second Mickey collection - which will no doubt contain Mickey's Christmas Carol and Runaway Brain!



I'm ecstatic and plan on picking up all four of these sets, but I SERIOUSLY doubt "Der Furher's Face" will make it onto the "War Years" disc. If it does, expect "Song of the South" any day now.

Alex K

I hope "Runaway Brain" is on the Mickey DVD. We had to purchase a Japanese Laser Disc just to have a legit copy of that short, but some portions of it have Japanese subtitles.


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Wow, I just noticed that the retail price on these this time is $39.99! They just keep going up in price.

The first wave was $19.99 most places, and then after a while, they maybe went up to $29.99.

The second wave couldn't be found for less than $24.99 (at least at the many places I looked). Then they all went up to $29.99

Now wave three will be set at $39.99? That will probably mean that the sale price will be $29.99...oh well. I also wonder if they are limiting the sets even further this time. Like wave 1 was 150,000 and wave 2 was only 125,000. I wonder if wave 3 will go down to 100,000 copies?