New Tokyo DisneySea CD's


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Well, I just got the 3 new Tokyo DisneySea CD's in the mail today and I've had a chance to listen to them all.

I am glad they released this stuff! I love the catchy music for "Porto Paradiso Water Carnival". The Aquasphere music is also very nice, and relaxing. "DisneySea Symphony" is no "Fantasmic", but it's not bad musically either.

One question I had though was that the "Aquasphere" music seems a bit short. Does anybody know if what was released on this new CD is the entire daytime and evening loops? Each one lasts a little over 12 minutes, and I was wondering if that is only a portion of the actual loop.

Something I also have to make a comment about...
Tokyo DisneySea is going on 7 months now, and so far there have been 6 CD's released! That's incredible considering some of the parks here in the states have never had their own CD's in their entire life-spans. DCA got one on opening that was good despite what was actually offered at the park. Disneyland and WDW are starting to get their own Official Albums, but where are the Epcot and MGM Studios CD's? For Tokyo DisneySea it's almost like a CD a month!!! It's just too bad that Disney doesn't feel that it would be profitable for them to do this in the States.

Anyway, just my opinion.

Ben C.
Ben, great point--I as well would like to see more music released from sites such as Epcot and MGM! It's certainly peculiar that we're having to look overseas for more Disney Theme Park music! Some of the music from our parks had been available through the "make your own" CD kiosks in WDW and Disneyland, but after just getting back from WDW, most, if not all, are gone--were they not profitable enough(this seems to be the primary driving force these days)? Does anyone know the reason? But anyway, thank you for the "reviews" of the new Disneysea CD's--the only one I have is, I believe, one of the first ones, the one with the primary "themes" from the various areas--how does that one compare to the others? Michael Zielski.


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I think that the Tokyo DisneySea Music Album, which I think is the one you have with all of the "Ports" represented is a great CD too. I do wish there was more attraction music on it, but it's still a good listening experience. These 3 newly released CD's are not very long though so it's almost like together they all equal the one you have. I still really like the 3 new ones though, even if they aren't very long! I just put them all onto one CD and now I'm even happier!

Now I just need to get my hands on the new "Entertainment Selections" CD and I'll be all set.

Also, about the WDW Forever kiosks, I'm not really surprised that they disappeared. I remember having to really hunt for those darn things all over the resort! I know they had them in a lot of places, but they just weren't displayed prominently in any of their locations. Especially at the Camera Center on Main Street! I had to ask a castmember where they were. So I'm sure they weren't "popular" because Disney chose to neglect them and place them in odd places. Disneyland finally put theirs in a prominent place in the 20th Century Music store on Main Street and people are constantly messing with the machines. It's really a shame how all parties involved let the system deteriorate like it has.

Ben C.
Thanks Ben! You're certainly right, the CD kiosks were " tucked away" in Exposition Hall on Main Street, in the Imagination Institute in Epcot, near Asia in the Animal Kingdom, and in Downtown Disney--maybe room was needed for MORE t-shirt kiosks and pin stations! And thank you again for the information about the Disneysea CD's--are the new "Entertainment Selections" ones going to have selections from the attractions themselves, or various park shows? Michael.


Along with the Tokyo DisneySea CD's that were released on the 20th of March. Another is available as Yoshi pointed out in a previous post.

TOKYO DISNEYSEA: THE MUSIC OF ENTERTAINMENT was released on March 15th. Here is the track listing:

1. Lido Isle Meet and Smile (morning show)
2. Porto Paradiso Water Carnival (afternoon show)
3. Sail Away (stage show in front of SS Columbia)
4. Donald's Boat Builders (stage show in Cape Cod)
5. Mystic Rhythms (stage show in Lost River Delta)
6. Under the Sea (Mermaid Lagoon show)
7. DisneySea Symphony (evening fireworks show)

Code: AVW1-12263. It includes a booklet with plenty of photos and lyrics in English and Japanese. It sells for JPY2700. The CD is only sold at Tokyo DisneySea, Bon Voyage, Disney Ambassador Hotel, and the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. It is not available at other CD shops in Japan, Tokyo Disneyland, or any Disney Store (Japan).

Hi, everyone -- especially our "Japan correspondents" :)Does anyone have the track details for the Tokyo DisneySea Entertainment CD? Lengths, songs, etc.

Are the selections complete shows? (seems unlikely, as the CD would be very long)

Do the Porto Paradiso and DisneySea Symphony selections duplicate what is available on the other new TDS CDs?

Any information would be appreciated as I loved the shows at DisneySea!

Thanks very much,