New Tiki Room Event Info!.....

More information has been released. The following merchandise is schedule to be released at the Disneyland Shag Event:

-Litho $350
-4 Paintings $4 to 8 thousand
-Petite Print $15
-Aloha Shirt $58
-Tiki Mug $10.50
-Tiki Pole Mug $32.95
-Neck charm $15
-Notecard Set $12.95
-T-shirt $24
-Puzzle $12.50
-Mousepad $10
-Handbag $36
-Paper Sculpture $650

The LP CD re-issue and Osmond Doll were never meant to be part of this release event. We should be seeing those in the next couple months. More soon...

The have released pictures of the 4 prints, the Pole Mug, the Handbag, the Mug, and the Mousepad. Check the following link for the pictures and info:


Louis Gonzalez
Yes, if only I could....

go back in time to Disneyland and buy a couple of those autographed copies of THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY that they used to sell on Main Street.


Well said, Bill! I'm with you on that!

Like a friend of mine says:

"Limited edition? Well, too bad if they don't want to sell more!"

All "they" do is make things easy for speculators and people who sell stuff on eBay!

As for me; if I have to worry about the price, it means that i can't afford it, and it's usually so....

Even the Disney World is changing!


ooooooooo! a mouse pad :D

Sure beats the flat blue Ikea one Im using now :p

And its the Tiki room!! :)