NEW SURVEY: What has Disney music given you?

OK everyone, now that I'm back on my feet after a two week trip to WDW in March, followed by a very nasty case of influenza--and since it's supposed to be spring(not quite in Maine yet), and since Steve LeVine's bored, I thought it prime time for a fresh, MUSIC topic. I don't think I've seen this type of discussion before--something a little different from the usual polls. It's time to dust off the thinking caps and get a little introspective........

What has Walt Disney's music given you that keeps you listening year after year, always looking for more?

I suppose people may even have more than one reason for the continuing attraction--I certainly do. To begin, for me, after years of wandering through the rock scene with some dabbling in blues and jazz, a fresh, new genre of music--songs, scores--suddenly appeared before me in 1998! Another interesting aspect for me has been the theme park "loop" music. The themed music of the different "lands" and attractions has inspired me into further musical adventures. Pirates and Caribbean Plaza in WDW pushed me into looking into Caribbean music further; Main Street music got me into ragtime and early jazz piano; Splash Mountain inspired a further bluegrass and Delta blues study; New Orleans Square got me back into Louis Armstrong and the roots of jazz--the list just goes on! Most of all, it's been great fun--and even a learning experience to boot(I've always thought of Walt as a teacher in many ways)!

So--I'd like to hear from everyone(maybe we can even get Randy to pipe in on this one--it's been quite a while since we heard him tell us of his love for soundtracks)! No due date, responses like, "Disney music has given me an empty wallet!" not acceptable! Now......get started!!! Mike.
I love your answer, Mike! I suppose the happiness is in the music itself, and also the happy associations the music carries along--childhood memories, or more recent cherished moments. Innocent, childlike happiness--it's very special to have something that can still stimulate that fleeting feeling, as our biological clocks continue to tick away.......Mike.


And for those of us living far away from any of the parks, the music of the parks offers a chance to re-experience those shows, attractions, parades, etc. that we enjoy so much when we're actually at Disneyland or WDW. For me, it's sort of like a temporary "fix" in between vacation times!

Additionally, it provides a way to still enjoy those shows and rides which no longer exist (e.g. Toad, Horizons, Original JII, etc.)

As for the music of Disney movies and shows, aside from the parks, well, I suppose it's 'cause it's just darn good stuff to listen to! ;)

This, from yet another...

Mike :)


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I also have to agree that, for me, it's reliving pleasant memories, or childhood memories with some of the music. The rest of the music is just plain fun to listen to.

I especially enjoy the park music because it's the next best thing to being there. It also preserves them historically sometimes. I mean to have the entire "America Sings" show for posterity is very nice indeed! So, I guess, in a way, I also feel like an archive of sorts...keeping the memories alive.


To me, it's mostly been pure joy. I agree that it also has to do with childhood memories and those nostalgic feelings. A tribute to classic Disney can bring me to tears. I guess that's why I love the "Fantasy in the Sky" music from the late 80s that was a medley from Cinderella, Mary Poppins, It's a Small World, Fantasia, etc.

As a child I spent hours with my Disney LPs and books. That music has a deep place in my heart. They are some of the greatest musicals of all time.

It really is a beautiful place of escape and happiness. A safe feeling.

Great topic! Thanks.
Less Money, Less Shelf Space, Less Radio time, Less Patience with the New executives at the Parks. Less Hard Drive Space.

and there is more..

More Clutter, More trips to Best Buy to buy CDR's, More time spent near speakers at attractions and events holding my mic' still, More hunting on ebay, More trips to 20th Century Music on Main St.

but in spite of the above, more or less,

More Happiness
Less Blue days

and for me it's all worth it!
ditto with Mike F! (You are welcome for Breakfast at Storytellers with Bean and Sharon too!) 8)
While I don't post here too often (I'm way out of my league), I couldn't resist. This is a great topic.

Mike, I agree with your original post. Listening to different styles of Disney music has opened me up more to those genres. Maybe you can answer a question. What genre is the music from the Sailing Ship Columbia? I love those tunes and wonder where I can find more music like that.

For me, listening to Disneyland music takes me back to the park. It's a mini-vacation.

Thanks to everyone so far for some great thoughts! I knew you'd pipe in, Jeff, about "less money"--that's probably why I threw in the comment in my initial post about the "empty wallet" response as not being acceptable! Anyway, it's nice to see that even with all of our grumblings(and flat out anger) about some of the current goings-on at the Walt Disney Company, that there's still no denying that flat out happiness is what the music can still give us.

Aaron, since I'm a WDW-frequenter, I can't say for sure what is being played on the Columbia, but I will bet that it's traditional sea shanties(that's what's played in the Columbia Harbor House eatery in Liberty Square at WDW, a similar themed setting). And I'm also willing to bet that some of the selections being played at the Columbia Harbor House are taken from a wonderful collection of music of the sea(instrumentals) called "The Wind in the Rigging," North Star Records, RS0009--HIGHLY recommended(the CD may be available elsewhere, but they do have their own website/catalogue)! Mike.

Addendum: Their website is


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Well for me the music of disney is my laughing place plain and simple.I'm thankful everyday for Walt Disney and his talented cast of song writers and story writers.
Great responses, one and all! I thought I would just "dust this one off" one more time before it gets ushered into the archives--any more thoughts? Mike.


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More Happiness
Less Blue days

and for me it's all worth it!
ditto with Mike F! (You are welcome for Breakfast at Storytellers with Bean and Sharon too!) 8)

I'm in! When do we meet?!?! ;D

You and me both, Mike! As long as they reopen subs, we're there next year. Prolly only for a weekend, but we're there .



ok, I hardly didnt post anything.. but thats cuz you know so more then me anyway ;-). but just like the others.. I coulndt resist.
for me its just something that touches me from deep inside. not only disney music, but a lot of movie scores can get me in any mood I want. I also draw a lot, and usually I play music in the theme from what I'm drawing. it just stimulates my fantasy and imagination. this all sounds so new-age, but for me, good music is like a warm bath on a cold day, it just completely surrounds you. errrrr.....

and when there's music like MSEP or the parade songs.. I dont really call them good, but they just have special memories ;)