New Soundtracks are on

David S.

> Yeah, I sure miss those Classic Soundtrack covers!

Yes, those were very nice covers. I even collected the blister packs because the only thing I miss about vinyl is the larger cover art, and I loved those CSS covers!

At this point though, I'm just happy to have the music! I think marketing the reissued CSS titles in the same mid-priced "product line" as the reissues of the newer Menken-era soundtracks was a good idea for several reasons. It probably increased awareness that the "older" titles existed, and also seems to have finally helped them get out of the "children's" section and stocked with the regular soundtracks! Not to mention the lower price undoubtedly helped boost sales among more casual fans who may have passed at a higher price.

I haven't really studied the new covers much yet, but considering "Boo Bop Bop Bop Bop (I Love You Too)" is one of my favorite songs from Pete's Dragon, I am pleased with the cover. I am not familiar with the original cover though so I have nothing to compare it to.

I am very exited because later today I'll be going shopping and the next time I post, I'll have some new soundtracks!!!! :)



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Yeah, I couldn't even wait until my lunch break! I had to run out before that and get all of the soundtracks. I then listened to Pete's Dragon and part of The Rescuers Down Under while at lunch. I'm very happy to have this stuff on CD. I also did not have the Pete's Dragon LP, so I have nothing to compare it to either. It was nice to hear all of the songs though! I really enjoyed the 3 tracks from The Rescuers too! I'm curious though why Rescue Aid Society couldn't be put on the CD as well, since the running time of the new CD is still well under an hour.

Anyway, they are great and everyone should go out and buy them to show Disney that it is profitable to release more!

Ben C.
Pete's Dragon??

Hey, anyone who has heard Pete's Dragon, can you give a report on it? If you could post a brief description of the songs (and also the length, please!)

Also...what is the Candle on the Water reprise? Is this supposed to be Brazzle Dazzle Day reprise?

Thanks - and I can't wait to own it!! ;D

Alex K

Okay, this sounds stupid, but where's a good place to get these soundtracks?

I'm in the Chicago Western suburbs, and I'd like to get the whole bunch at once.
There are a couple of pleasant Barnes and Noble stores nearby, but they always
sell a couple of bucks more than anyone else. The three Disney Stores nearby
have turned into useless kiddie stores (O.T.: Me: "Uh, do you carry grown up clothing?",
CM: "We have these few T-shirts over here [pointing to apparent leftovers], but
for anything else, you'll have to order through the Catalog, or shop at the Parks."
The closest "Park" was Disney Quest downtown Chicago, but then it closed last fall :'( ,
before I could tape the music loop outside VR "Pirates"). All they carry are the Disney Radio
CDs, Princess and Pooh CDs.

I'd rather not go into a Best Buy, and the nearest Tower Records is a 45 minute drive
from home. I guess I could try the local WalMarts too. Thanks.

David S.


I found mine at my local Borders for $11.99. Pete's Dragon and Rescuers Down Under were in the children's section, as Borders is one of the few stores in New Orleans still stocking Disney soundtracks there.

They did not appear to have Roger Rabbit yet, unless it was in the regular soundtrack section. I'll be looking for it again soon.

In New Orleans, Tower and Virgin are usually pretty good at keeping the Disney soundtracks in stock. I haven't been there yet today, as finding a free parking place in the French Quarter is usually easier later in the evening.

I also tried Wherehouse, and they hadn't put them out (or gotten them?) yet, but I did find the Theme Park Sing-Along on CD!



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I got mine at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, and luckilly they had all of them. I had called Tower records earlier in the day and they hadn't recieved the shipment yet, but the funny thing is that while I was asking for the soundtracks on the phone, there was someone else standing there asking them the same thing at the counter! I guess that means these will sell well.

The Virgin Megastore did charge $1 more than they should have ($12.99), but I paid it and it's hard to get things much cheaper in NYC. Tower and HMV were selling them for $13.99.
My quest for the soundtracks today was suspended by the "quest" for a new car(ugh!!!), which fortunately was accomplished--so I can look for the CD's tomorrow! I'll be checking at the local Borders here in Maine, and possibly FYE and Best Buy. It sounds like everyone else is also looking for these great recordings at every place else BUT the Disney Store!!! What is the deal with that place--they really are becoming pathetic! Why aren't they the place heralding the release of these CD's, and boldly advertising them! My local Disney Store will probably be the LAST place I look for the soundtracks should I strike out elsewhere--in my mind the "philosophy" of the Disney Store chain needs to be seriously reevaluated. Michael.

David S.

Michael -

The Disney Store used to be the first place I'd go to look for stuff like this. Ironically, I strarted there today, but only because I went into the mall anyway to buy some pizza.

As you may have guessed - they didn't have them!



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Yeah, that was my response too. The Disney Store is now the last place I look for CD's (or anything for that matter). Back in the day, they usually had stuff you couldn't find easilly at regular record stores (like the Archive series for example). Now you are lucky if you can even find 5 titles at any given time, and usually 4 of those 5 are the latest "pop" stars Disney is pushing like Myra, Mya, Elmyra or whoever.


I, too, tried my local Disney Store for these soundtracks. Of course, they didn't have them and knew absolutely nothing about their release. I finally found them in a Sam Goody and had to pay 14.99 each. I thought that was a tad high, but no place else in the mall had them. I struggle to find Disney Cd's in my area. (middle Tennessee).

I didn't even bother with the Disney Store today looking for "the big three"--surprisingly, Borders didn't have any of them, and, as much as I dislike Best Buy(not as noisy and obnoxious during the morning), they had all three for $11.99 each! Michael.