NEW Pete's Dragon, Tron & Camarata CD's

A wonderful New York record store called Footlight Records regularly sends emails when they have new releases (the store itself closed and they now only do business by mail and online).

Anyway, there are new EMI import CD's coming out this month of PETE'S DRAGON and TRON. The DRAGON CD includes the pop single version of "Candle on the Water" not included on the Disney release. The TRON CD may be the same as the Disney one, but I don't have my original copy handy.

The big news for fans of Tutti Camarata and Rankin/Bass TV shows is that THE STINGIEST MAN IN TOWN album is FINALLY on CD, with BONUS TRACKS! This is a Columbia cast album from 1956, based on the Alcoa live musical TV special starring Basil Rathbone as Scrooge. Camarata conducted the magnificent score by Janice Torre and Fred Spielman ("Paper Roses").

THE STINGIEST MAN IN TOWN was remade as an animated ABC special by Rankin/Bass in 1978 starring Walter Matthau as Scrooge, with the same songs. Some of the earlier arrangements on the Columbia album always sounded very Rankin/Bass to me, with the sweeping violins (that sound like Rudolph taking off). It turns out, as Tutti recalled, that longtime R/B arranger/conductor Maury Laws may have worked with Camarata on the album, by coincidence! Anyway, it's really worth a listen I had given up hope that it would ever make it to CD.

You can find this on amazon here

And you can visit Footlight here:

They can add you to their email list if you so you'll know when new movie and show type CD's are released. It's a good idea since they often feature lesser known items that don't always show up on amazon or elsewhere.


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I have ordered cds via phone before and they are a little pompous.

ALmost to the point that they expect you to know everything about every cd they have without asking!
Speaking as someone who used to shop at a store in Sunrise, Florida called "Sir Arthur Oldies," where the owner used to yell at me almost every time I or my friends or family shopped there -- but we also found some fantastic records there, so I guess it was worth it -- I suppose one person's "wonderful" is another person's "ewwww." I can't remember in the few times I shopped at Footlight at the store whether the staff was rude -- I was too worried about how my wife would object to how much stuff I was buying!

The main thing is, the music is the thing. I can't speak for a store staff but I sure can vouch for what they sell. Plus you can't be treated rudely just by browsing their store online. You can use it as a reference point and then buy your CD's at a different store -- and Footlight, which might have had your business, has lost it because you felt you did not receive adequate customer service. A "wonderful" way to have your cake, eat it, but not buy it from where you don't want to.

It would be "wonderful" to enjoy the good news I posted about the new CD's, which you also don't have to buy at Footlight if you don't want to. All three are on amazon.

I hope my "wonderful" news about these new CD's makes someone, somewhere happy. That was the "wonderful" intent.


I've shopped at Footlight online a number of times, and have always had great service. And the one time I had a problem, I called them, and they took care of it quickly and courteously.


I have to think that anyone who refers to Footlight as "a wonderful store" had probably not set foot INSIDE it. Yes...great selection...yada yada yada...but the NASTIEST clerks in NYC. (Save for the Strand about 10 years ago)

Yes, I have friends who said the same thing to me (about their nastiness!) and they were even "nasty" to me on one of their emails, but, as Greg mentioned, it is NOT a store anymore; it's just an online store now! :)