New Park Music?

Hi everybody! I've been away for awhile!

Can anyone easily tell me if there have been any new CD releases at WDW or DL? I, of course, am interested in all music releases from Official Albums to releases by artists who perform inside the parks.

While it seems like in 2001 there was a spate of new releases, I haven't heard much about anything in 2002. But, then again, I haven't been hanging around here nearly enough!

Also is the Disney Forever system at both parks completely closed?

Thanks for bringing me up-to-speed. If anyone wants to give me any other pertinent theme park music info, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance! ;D


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Hiya Mike!

Wow...another person who we miss dearly!

I can check the "New park CD's at WDW" situation tomorrow, if you'd like. As for the DL Forever and WDW Forever systems...yep, unfortunately they're gone. Pity.

Nice to see you again!

If I recall correctly--and I might need to go over to my CD shelves--I believe the last park CDs I got were the 2001 OAs for both WDW and DL. My last trip to WDW was in August 2001 :( and when I was there I picked up a few things including the last Off Kilter. I just haven't heard of anything new in the past 12 months. How about the new afternoon parade? Anything?


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Hard for me to say because we're in the midst of packing for our move to 10 MILES FROM WDW and most of my CD's are already in boxes. Can you ask me again sometime after mid-November?


Alex K

Don't know if these were out yet a year ago but for WDW the "Magic in the Streets" CD is a must-have. There's also the Spectro Magic CD and the Festival of the Lion King CD. The "new" OA is the same as the previous one except that they added a 2nd CD with one track of Share a Dream Come True.


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Also, for the Disneyland Resort there was the "Disney's Electrical Parade" single, and the "Holiday Magic" album (which is very nice).


Tokyo Disneyland has released the following albums so far in 2002:

Tokyo DisneySea Aquasphere Theme Music
Tokyo DisneySea Porto Paradiso Water Carnival
Tokyo DisneySea DisneySea Symphony
Tokyo DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Music Album
It's a Small World

IASW has become one of my favorite Disney cds; it was great to finally get the original music on cd including the Buddy Baker updates as well - love the Hawaiian version :)


I was at Disneyland last weeked (a true treat for a Coloradoan in September) and I mentioned how much I miss the Disneyland Forever CDs to the CM at 20th Century Music. Well, what she said was that Disney is currently working out deals to bring the system back "soon". So I am optimistic!


Tokyo Disneyland has released the following albums so far in 2002:

Tokyo DisneySea Aquasphere Theme Music
Tokyo DisneySea Porto Paradiso Water Carnival
Tokyo DisneySea DisneySea Symphony
Tokyo DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Music Album
It's a Small World

These other CD's have been released from Tokyo Disney Resort this calendar year:

Tokyo DisneySea:
- "Sail Away" (Daytime stage show)

Tokyo Disneyland:
- "D-Pop Magic" (Spring 2002 show)
- "Donald's Super Splash" (Summer 2002 show/parade)



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It's a Small World
1. Theme Music - American Vocals
2. Scandinavian
3. Accordion, Flute, Violin
4. Danish Drum and Bugle Corps
5. Big Ben
6. English Moon Singers
7. French Can Can Girls
8. Scottish Bagpipe
9. Irish Jig
10. Dutch Geese
11. German Band
12. Spanish Guitar
13. Italian Music and Singers
14. Swiss Yodeler and Bells
15. Greek Band
16. Russian Band
17. Balinese Band
18. Japanese Music and Trio
19. Indian Snake Charmer
20. Indian Band
21. Camel Boy Drummer
22. Cleopatra Music
23. Laughing Hyena
24. Rhino Drummer
25. African Music
26. Elephant Boy Drummer
27. Egypt Harem Music
28. Spanish Singers
29. Marimba Band
30. Penguin Music
31. Spanish Guitar
32. Mexican Birds
33. Peruvian Flute
34. Samba Band
35. Rain Forest Birds
36. Hawaiian Hula
37. Tahitian Drums
38. New Guinea Drums
39. Theme Music - Japanese Vocals
40. Scottish Bagpipe
41. Japanese Music and Trio
42. German Band
43. Dutch Geese


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You can buy most of the WDW Cds from I bought the Spectromagic cd from them and they are a REALLY good service (they're not a shopping service so it only took like 3 days for it to arrive). Plus, it took me a while to realize, but when all is said and done it's cheaper to buy from them than from WDW mail order (WDW mail order's s/h is about $10, while's is either $1.99 or free).

Here's I think what they currently sell:


Festival of the Lion King:

Magic in the Streets (REALLY good CD - over an hour long too):

Illuminations and Tapestry of dreams:

If I remember correctly they also had the WDW official album but they seem to be out of stock right now.

Just wanted to let you know...

rob kilbride

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Are those IASW tracks the same or pretty much the same as the WDW version? I've always absolutely loved the Hawaiian music from the ride and would by the cd for this alone, and would be delighted to get all the other tracks. Where does one buy Tokyo Disneyland cd's in the states?


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I get all my TDL/TDS CD's through They sell at list price and ship very quickly. I usually get my orders within a week (I'm in Delaware).

The IASW is worth it, especially for the Hawaiian segments.

Thanks, everybody, for all the answers--but I am afraid you have confirmed by worst suspicions. All of the WDW & DL CDs mentioned are more than a year old.

Has Randy dropped any hints that anything new might be coming down the pike?


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

several weeks (or was it months?) ago Randy posted something regarding a new upcoming OA for WDW. But he didn't say anything else and right now I wonder wether this project might be moved back to next spring (from the early winter release date of teh last OAs) as the current 100-year-celebration has been extended till next March (as far as I know) and the current OA will be up to date as long as that celebration lasts.

But maybe Randy would be the best person to answer this...


rob kilbride

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Thanks MusicMajor, cdjapan should be sending my order shortly. Actually the Small World disc was listed as available domestically but no one hade it in stock.



I too have always loved the Hawaiian theme and IT IS worth it!


PS: Got mine from CDJapan also in a week or so...