New Music in Disneyland!!!


Has anybody seen or heard the following songs and/or shows...

1) Remember... Dreams Come True (Fireworks Show)
2) Walt Disney?s Parade of Dreams (Parade)
3) Who Knows Where A Dream Might Lead (50th Theme Song)

I would love to hear comments!

Anybody know if there are plans to release these songs?
Does anyone have any camcorder audio from these songs?

On behalf of everyone that enjoys this kind of music as much as I, thanks for your help!

hey rick,
unfotunately the music has not been released yet but, im sure that the music will contain the theme song "Who Knows where a dream might lead" mixed with disney medleys. I will get in touch with The Creator of the parade and fireworks Steven Davidson and ask him what type of music they will be using. As for images i have seen some images of the parade, the opening float is TINK, PETER PAN, THREE GOOD FAIRYS, BLUE FAIRY,AND MERLIN all surounded with the mickey topiary and the DL Railroad, as for the other floats there will be an Alice in Wonderland unit, beauty and the Beast unit, lion king unit, pinocchio unit, and the finale which will feature the sleeping beauty castle. The parade has 4 show stops that will let the audience interact with guests. As for the fireworks, the music will be a medley of disneyland attractions, shows and parades hosted by jiminy cricket, and tinkerbell will take a diffrent flight pattern!. I truly cannot wait for the 50th its just right around the corner.


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Well, considering all 3 of those things are not going to debut until 2005, I think we all will have to wait for the music for quite a while longer.


Hey Rick,

If you aren't familiar with the site already, bookmark

They have a page with full coverage of the event at Disneyland announcing all of the 50th Anniversary Celebration details including video of the ceremony, which, yes, includes the finale with the theme song. :)

Here's a link:

And here's another link for the press release and good quality photos of the drawings of the floats of the parade:

I don't mind streetaculars, except when guest participation is involved. The only parade I've seen where the parade stops was "Remember the Magic" and I remember how weird it was watching the cast members trying to get people to do the "set the table" game and then get them off the street. If they stop and just do a show, I think that would be kinda neat if it didn't drag on too long. Just my two cents.

Anyway, hope there are some cool new CDs in our future! :)