New music from Space Mountain-DLP!

Dr. Know

The composer Steve Bramson's new website is now operational, and it includes three soundclips from his score to Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris. Two of the clips are familiar, but one, entitled "The Grandeur of Space," (0:48) is entirely new to me. It seems to be related to "Space Mountain Impressions" from the DLP OA. Interestingly, the end of this selection segues perfectly into "Space Mountain Impressions" at approximately 1:43, suggesting that it might be an alternate introduction (I put the two pieces together seamlessly). It is also rather depressing to think about how much of Mr. Bramson's fine score has never been released in any form.

For the mp3s, go to the music/adventure section of his website,, and enjoy!

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Gredo G.

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I actually found 4 snips of music from DLP's Space Mountain. There is another little clip in the "For Fun" section in the music section of his website.

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Dr. Know

Ah, missed that one! Excellent! That is the beginning of a piece that many of us know as "Shooting Stars," that up to now has only been available in a hybrid live recording. This little snippet will help!



The Space Mountain track on the album "Une Journ?e a DLP" is actually a heavily edited version of the track(s?) from the waiting area. It has several unnoticable cuts, omitting two or three minutes of music altogether. The "Grandeur of Space" track is part of that missing music.

I'm still not sure if what TSOM calls "Shooting Stars" is actually supposed to be a seperate track. It shares several melody lines with the other cue, and the transition is seamless (though there is a short pause, but that seems just part of the composition).

Also, the last minute or so of the officially released track is actually the ending of "Shooting Stars."

Dr. Know

Thank you, David, for confirming what I have suspected all along. I wonder if anyone has a fuller recording of the entire piece? Even a mediocre "live" recording would help sort out these various elements. How disappointing that there is so much more unreleased music! Bramson's Space Mountain score has always been among my favorites.


Yeah, this has been one of my favorite musical backgrounds since first hearing it. It also works so well during the launch on the ride. The BEST "Space Mountain" at any of the parks! I agree with Dr. Know that it's"disappointing that there is so much more unreleased music." And it makes it worse since they tend to release the same cues over and over and over.

I guess at this point in Disney history we are lucky to get anything that isn't percieved to be a big moneymaker, i.e hip hop inspired by Disneyland Paris, ect.

[glow=red,2,300]Great work by Steve Bramson![/glow] I wish there was a demo album like Bruce Broughton produced we could buy with the full Space Mountian tracks. :'(