New Music from Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!


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Hello! I'd like to say that there is BRAND NEW MUSIC at this year's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom!!

My question is this: would anyone happen to own the music for the updated parade (it has Pooh bear and Pirates of the Caribbean added)? Or is it available commercially? Thanks!



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Welcome to the board, Bilgerat! As far as I know, the new music for MNSSHP is NOT available commercially. Don't know if anyone here happens to own it otherwise, but so far thought might be your only option.

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I REALLY want to hear this one! Has anyone seen a video online? Thanks!

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The soundtrack is great. I have never seen the movie or heard the soundtrack before, but it is possible that a portion of the parade soundtrack is from the Nightmare Before Christmas ("Happy Halloween"). Can anyone confirm this. There is also a Halloween version of Ghost Riders in the Sky. Is anyone familar with these pieces of music?
Rick - has videos of the fireworks and parade. I've only seen the fireworks one so far, but it's pretty good stuff!
The parade music I thought sounded like it was from Tokyo Disneyland and the fireworks is a new medly of Disney Villians music with a thecno kinda twist.... Very nice change of pace!


I know that has a video of the fireworks. Great music and very solid fireworks show.