New MNSSHP Tomorrowland BGM [2014]

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I'm a bit sad to report that the previous Tomorrowland BGM for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is no more. According to Horizons, the previous loop had been playing since at least 2005. When I attended the party in 2013, the music from the DJ party at the Tomorrowland stage was playing throughout Tomorrowland, and there did not appear to be any BGM playing. As such I'm assuming this loop is new for 2014 unlesss someone can confirm it was playing earlier.

While the old loop featured classic New Age electronic music from the likes of Ray Lynch and Isao Tomita, the new loop has more of a House/EDM theme, with selections from such classic artists as Spooky Crew and Spanky Buckles (and three Mannheim Steamroller tracks in a row? Come on guys!) The times they are a-changing, I guess. The new loop is also shorter, running a lean 38:58 (the old loop ran approximately 54:16). I suppose I shouldn't be so hard on the new loop, and I actually kind of like it, but the old loop was one of my all-time favorite BGMs so I'm a bit biased against the new one for replacing it.

There is one holdover from the old loop, an unused cue from the Boo-to-You Parade. I've seen some listings of the old loop refer to it as the "Tomorrowland Unit," but the master CD for that loop at the Walt Disney World Entertainment Library has it listed as the "Alien Unit" (and it was in stereo too! Wish they'd have let me make a copy of it!). Like the old loop, the loop features crossfades and scifi/space sound effects mixed throughout, so it's not possible to recreate the loop simply with the component tracks.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
Tomorrowland Area Music [2014]
(2014 to Present)​
[/floatleft]Mickeys Boo-to-You Halloween Parade - Alien Unit 1:57
Unknown Artist
Unknown Album
:cd-na: [sp] :itunes-na: [sp] :mp3-na:

[/floatleft]Hall of the Mountain King 2:51
Mannheim Steamroller
[cd=B0000AOV3N] [sp] [itunes=halloween/id578806712] [sp] [mp3=B00A8QJK2A]

[/floatleft]All Hallow's Eve 3:42
Mannheim Steamroller
[cd=B0000AOV3N] [sp] [itunes=halloween/id578806712] [sp] [mp3=B00A8QJK2A]

[/floatleft]The Sorcerer's Apprentice 4:50
Mannheim Steamroller
[cd=B0000AOV3N] [sp] [itunes=halloween/id578806712] [sp] [mp3=B00A8QJK2A]

[/floatleft]Ghoul's Dance 3:58
Robert J. Walsh
Kid's Spooky Halloween Songs and Stories
[cd=B003CN5KPM] [sp] [itunes=kids-spooky-halloween-songs/id80412710] [sp] [mp3=B001KEMQPM]

[/floatleft]Night on Disco Mountain 5:12
David Shire
Saturday Night Fever
[cd=B000P6R6VK] [sp] [itunes=[URL=""][/URL]] [sp] [mp3=B00122KBV8]

[/floatleft]To The Rescue 3:32
Nightmare Revisited
[cd=B001AUKV08] [sp] [itunes=nightmare-revisited/id291354328] [sp] [mp3=B001GH5ETS]

[/floatleft]Fugue in G [Funky G Mix] 5:10
Spanky Buckles
Club Halloween
[cd=B001PR02OQ] [sp] [itunes=fugue-in-g-funky-g-mix/id266396602?i=266397259] [sp] [mp3=B0011OTFRS]

[/floatleft]House of Horror 5:00
Spooky Crew
Halloween House Party (Progressive & Electro Club Hits)
:cd-na: [sp] [itunes=house-horror-tik-tok-nightmare/id397563952?i=397563970] [sp] [mp3=B0046OT40I]

[/floatleft]Christmas Eve Montage 3:44
Nightmare Revisited
[cd=B001AUKV08] [sp] [itunes=nightmare-revisited/id291354328] [sp] [mp3=B001GH5ETS]

Duration: 38:58


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Thanks for the information, C33!


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Disney screws everything up these days. Oh well, I can't complain since I don't go anymore.