New Loop at DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot

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Haven't heard this one for myself but apparently the "Popular Movie/Televison Themes" loop that played in Hollywood at DCA has been replaced. Someone on laughing place is reporting, and I quote,

"It now consists of Disney music with an occaisional page announcement; for example, "Paging the Beast, paging the Beast, your party is now waiting for you at the Animation Building. She did not leave a name, but her face might ring a bell."

Does this kinda sound lame to everybody else? I don't mind the pages but to rid the land of all the movie music in favor of all Disney songs? I assume but don't know, that it's probably the same old songs (Under the Sea, Be Our Guest, Zip a dee doo dah) instead of Great Disney Scores like mary Poppins Overtures or Bedknobs and Broomsticks, that would lend more of a Hollywood Feeling.

Funny how Disney will just exploit the animated films to death but they don't seem to think they need animation anymore.


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Well, this is DCA we're talking about, so there IS technically an animation building. Now whether or not actuall animation is going on in there...


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

it is certainly sad whenever some beloved music gets replaced - but some changes are inevitable ... in this case though ... one needs to wonder how good the new idea is.

By playing the Disney songs instead of the for many guests more generic symphonic instrumentals you continue a trend of changing the Hollywood Backlot from a Hollywood Tribute into a Disney Character area (just see the introduction of Playhouse Live). Just that this does not fit the integration of ToT.

But one also needs to wonder how much of this decision was driven be the goal to get more guests into the Art of Animation attraction. Even so it is the most splendid attraction of this kind currently operating it really seems to underperform even for DCA standards as far as guest numbers are concerned. Maybe some more guests will be reminded of its existence by those "paging calls". I personally think it would have had more successfully if they would have promoted the interactive Stitch thing that replaced the Mushu Animation presentation. Stitch is extremly popular.


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The Stitch overlay was only temporary. I don't think it lasted more than a couple of days. It's still Mushu.


Yup, the change has definitely happened. I sat down last Wed and got everything I could recognize listed and up on my site. There's a few good choices for tracks in this one, but I think the old loop better fit the HPB theme. Most of the tracks in this one are just generic Disney instrumentals.

I liked the old loop better. Although, Disney has been changing loops lately that are neccesarly Disney music. Rock N' Roller Coaster's courtyard loop was changed early this year, and now plays nothing but Aerosmith Tunes only.


Rock N' Roller Coaster's courtyard loop was changed early this year, and now plays nothing but Aerosmith Tunes only.

Hmmm, we were at Disney-MGM in mid February and while in queue for R-n-R, I recall hearing many songs from different artists, and it seemed that most, if not all, were popular rock songs from the 50's-70's. In fact, I've been searching for a playlist for the courtyard loop, but have yet to find one.

Anybody got a clue on this?
I Believe the RNRC music was changed out in may, since the contract was up. Disney did not renew it, so they stuck with what they were able to play, which is aerosmiths music.


can somebody post the tracks you can hear in HPB now? and how long is the new loop?

about RnR: i hope their contract for Walt DIsney Studios in paris ends pretty soon too. The queue loop of RnR there is a collection of modern hits... from the time the studios opened, that is. All these hits from winter 2001-2002 don't make a lot of sense anymore, and feel kind of outdated in the ever changing music industry anno 2004.
instrumental rock music would be my preference, and occosional an Aerosmith song.