New IllumiNations Audio


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From a post by MythBuster on WDWMagic's boards:

Now, when you get stuck behind the China Bridge when it opens to let the Earth Globe and Fountain Barges out, there is new audio soundtrack with mixed in fun facts about the Illuminations show. There is one show when they take the barges out to the lagoon during the day and then a different one when they bring them back to the Marina at night. The audio plays both at the China side and the Africa side.

I'm glad to hear they're plussing this. Personally I've never been stuck when the bridge was open, but I may make a point to see it. With new lasers coming next year to Reflections of Earth, the show promises to keep getting better.

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That sounds cool. I too will have to check it out.


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It was generally boring as hell and, depending on the season, hot. Not sure about available speakers for this though.