New Fantasyland Speakers


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I came across a schematic of one of the new details of the New Fantasyland. Attached is a drawing of the proposed ground speakers, which will be themed to fit with the rest of the area. The speaker to be used in the attached drawing is an EAW MK2394.


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Interesting. The MK2394 only has a 90-degree dispersion, so I guess this tree won't be located in the middle of the new Fantasyland Forest. ;)


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More importantly, will we be able to get a signal for the induction mic? There are a few speakers at Animal Kingdom that offer no opportunity in this regard. Let's hope this isn't the case here because I need me some new Mermaid music.


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These are too sexy for a Disney-related forum... :blink:

OK, how about one of the paintings by John Waterhouse that was "possibly" used for ideas for Ariel(note red hair)? :D

John Waterhouse Mermaid 1901.jpg


No topless mermaids around...they need a seashell bikini top! ;)

True story: I participated in a Disney trivia night at my university, and one of the team's names was "Ariel's Seashell Bra". :rolleyes: