New exterior loop at The Land

Dr. Know

Hey folks,

I just read over at WDWMagic that there is a new exterior music loop playing at The Land.

Reports, anyone? I'm all ears....

Jim :)
All I heard is, "standard adventure movie theme, fitting in with most other pavilions."

Doesn't tell me much, but I'm darn interested.

I would hate it, as much as I like the Soarin' music, if all we've got is that attraction's score playing outside the land.
I agree, Griz; I'd hate for Soarin' to take over completely. I had an opportunity this Christmas to just sit outside The Land for about 20 minutes just as the park opened just to listen to this loop and the sound was better than any other time I could remember. (It probably helped that the foot traffic was non-existent, too.)

X-S Tech

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Perhaps they've written a new loop that would incorporate Soarin' with old "Land" tunes. I mean it's not likely but someone at WDW did give us that cool new Tomorrowland loop.

The Boat ride and teh Lion King film will still be part of the Pavillion right?

Dr. Know

I have now been told that there is no new exterior loop playing at The Land... the same old loop is apparently still going strong. I'll be down in a couple of weeks, and will check it out for myself.