New Electrical Parade Music for Summer Nightastic

So yesterday i went to see the new Enhanced Disney's Electrical Parade for this summer's Nightastic Promotion and i got to say they did a really good job borrowing music from Tokyo's Dreamlights Electrical parade. The music starts out the same as in Dreamlights the into fanfare/ but they still use the Jack Wagner's edit intro for Disney's Electrical Parade. The tink unit just used Baroque Hoedown no underliner, the only new music that was probably recorded new was the Cinderella Ball Unit which i heard Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, So This is Love, Pinocchio Pleasure Island Unit which used Little Wooden Head and Give a Little Whistle. and the To Honor America Finale Unit which uses Yankee Doodle. You can hear the Pixie Dust Effect on most of the units, but its still well blended in. The parade is now missing the Blue Fairy unit and Dumbo Circus unit but the music and pixie dust effect really make a difference and you really cant tell whats missing from the Original Electrical Parade. Still the music is good and will hopefully be released on CD someday.