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If a particular Disneyland Cast Member is to be believed, the replacement System for Disneyland Forever is on the horizon. In fact he said that the new system is ready to go now, that if they wanted to they could have it up and running tomorrow. The snag is that noone seems willing to pay for it. I don't know if that's installation, or total ownership of the system or what. But now seems like it would be a good time to write those emails and call up those folks at Disneyland and WD Records and tell them that we want a new DL Forever system! I assume that if there's a noticeable demand that they'll be eager to satisfy it. I'll research this and see if I can get some phone numbers.

Dr. Know

I hope this is true -- I'm going to be at DL in May and would love to take advantage of it.

Please keep us posted!
I suppose it would be too progressive for them to put these in the Disney Stores and provide an actual reason to GO TO THEM. I don't have a 5 year old daughter who needs a pink princess outfit, and they don't make them for 38 year old men, so I'm rarely there. But this would get me back...
;D ;D ;D

Ditto on the uselessness of the current incarnation of the Disney Store. I just KNOW Bean will want to weigh in on this! ;)

But now, Bill, you've got me creating this mental image of a 38-year old man in a pink princess outfit. Have you tried on any of the Peter Pan costumes? :eek:


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Y'know, the image of a 38 year old man in a pretty pink princess costume is just...disturbing .

Oh yeah. have the DL Forever system put into Disney Stores. They woldn't do that...that would be PROGRESSIVE! Silly boy!


I just love the Disney Store. We bought his and hers Pooh costumes that we regularly wear to all important social occasions.

I remember buying a WALT'S TRAIN cel at our now closed Disney Store. Those days are just a faint memory now...
The "now closed Disney Store"--I'm afraid that closure is the only innovative idea left that will ever grace the sad Disney Store. It's hard, but just had to walk by it yesterday--a trip inside is painful, but still nostalgic at least, as it opened around the time our son was born.

But getting back to the thread, sounds hopeful for the Forever System anyway--we're heading down to WDW next month, so I'll try to nose around the cast members there concerning the WDW Forever system. Mike.


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Oh, it. Saw it. Actually, I've seen it in the past. And if you think YOU'RE confused....I think HE is much moreso .



He doesn't seem confused at all. Perhaps
your confused about him. We all have
different fantasy lives. As regards DF
system I welcome it back. I'm sure it
will make lots of money for the folks
living in LA that sell them (the discs) on ebay.
Perhaps we can all put on our Peter Pan
outfits and fly off to Disneyland to get
our very own copies ;)


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I don't have a peter Pan costume though. I have a Tinkerbell one, but I think I've gained too much weight for it to be pretty on me .


You need to schedule some longer sessions with your professional. Dont make me go to another web site like that again!!
I just get back from a week in Hawaii and I write a clever post in another thread and then I have to see that! I need a tasteless button on my firewall and content blocker (but then I couldn't read some of my own posts!)

Jeff -justjealousthatIdidntfindit-In Orange County

[and Mitch I havent sold CDs in along time!!!]

PS It was the Disney Store that brought me back.. it was the new Disney store that makes me mad. I never bought a costume.. but hats.. thats another story.