New Disney CDs



I haven't seen anyone mention it on here, but Disney has release 3 new karaoke CDs. One is devoted to the Lion King, one is devoted to princesses, and the other is random. The artwork on these CDs is different from the previous karaoke releases and apparently these include "on screen" lyrics. The Lion King is listed as being for male and female voices, the princesses, surprise surprise, is for females and the last one is for boys. I haven't heard them, but I suspect that they are the earlier tracks with some additions (ie. Warthog Rhapsody, some song from one of the direct to video releases, etc.) Like their predecessors, they have both vocal and instrumental versions.

Also, I saw the perennial Disney release of Christmas songs with new artwork...apparently you can beat a dead horse. For those interested, Footlight had them as well as the TDL history of nighttime entertainment and the new 2003 parade.


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Not a sin...I stopped by after work tonight to check for myself...and you're right. I should know better by now. I already have all the Tokyo stuff, and I've seen the other stuff in the folders since I started going. There wasn't anything new that stood out. There was only ONE CD from Disneyland Paris, and that was the English version of the Feel the Magic CD. That's been in that folder forever too.

I did see those karaoke CD's, and other than the "on screen" lyrics, it looks like it's a rehash of a rehash...oh well...not interested in them. Did you know that they released (not Disney) the soundtrack to Gay Purr-ee? I didn't get it, but I wouldn't mind know Footlight's prices...